10 Quick Tips to Heal your Heart for the Holidays!

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1. 10 Quick Tips to Heal Your Heart for the Holidays!Tip 1: Say Thank You!Practice appreciation for everything you have in life. First, thank yourself for acceptinglife for one more day, and then thank everyone else for bringing more meaning to theholiday season.Tip 2: Say I Love You!Declare your strongest feelings to yourself and others. Its the love that youll need tokeep fighting the pressures of CHANGE at holiday times.Tip 3: Say I Apologize!Acknowledge your failures and your faults and allow them to be the lessons you need tocreate a brighter future. Your best challenges in life will come from the disappointmentsand failures of your past. Apologizing to yourself and others alleviates your mind andspirit from your suppressed guilty feelings, anxiety and stress.Tip 4: Say Im Tired!Admit to your honest feelings of overwhelm during the holiday. Take the time to relax,relate, and release. If you fall asleep in 5 minutes or less, that is a sign you are sufferingfrom sleep deprivation. The ideal time to get to sleep is in 1015minutes.Tip 5: Say I Forgive You!Close your mind and open your heart to new possibilities with the ones that have doneyou wrong. Forgiveness allows your heart and your head to come into agreement.Tip 6: Say Forgive Me!Overcome negativity by initiating a truce. The quicker you can get to a state offorgiveness with others, the quicker you can get to a state of peace within yourself.Tip 7: Say NO!Assert your feelings by telling the TRUTH. Tell yourself the truth and tell others thetruth. In fact, negativity during the holidays can create one of the highest levels ofunwanted health issues, stress and anxiety in your life. Whether its the stress of thefamily get together, the food preparation, or the presents holidays can be the mostexciting, yet overwhelming time of the whole year. Therefore, the more you can stand upand express your true feelings, the sooner you can get to your real NO= Next Option.Tip 8: Say Its Not Over!Inspire yourself to create new challenges and goals. Age is never a reason to stop tryingto learn all your many gifts and talents that you have stored in your soul.Tip 9: Say This Is Not My Life! 2. Question yourself daily. Ask yourself: Am I Thriving.or just Surviving? Am I where Ithought I would be at this time in my life? Am I excited to get to my job? Do I LOVEwhat I do? Am I fulfilled in my personal life? Do I feel loved? Am I telling myself thetruthor am I hiding out from my past?These types of questions will help you sort out your feelings and concerns.If youre truly having trouble answering any of these questions, its time to seek apersonal life coach.Tip 10: Say YES!Reinforce your will to live, laugh and love. There are no guarantees in life, yet you dontwant to look back on your years and think I know there was so much more I could havedone, if I just had taken the time to listen to my heart. Listen, life is short and yourfuture is unclear, however you can make the most of every day by saying YES toyourself and your whole LIFE!###Antoinette Capri ~aka~ Ms. Nikki is an emotional wellness & resilience coach, author,speaker and founder of Caprii Communications. She gets results for those living theirlives for others yet now ready to redefine their life with new ideas, personal meaning andpurpose. Ms. Capri speaks & coaches individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses,corporations and professionals. Get a free email copy of her book 31 Ways to BrightenYour Days! Contact her @ ac@antoinettecapri.com 302.792.7331. Capricares.com orAntoinettecapri.com