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  • 1. By: Sandra Martnez

2. A hobby is an activity, interest,enthusiasm, or amateur pastime that isundertaken for pleasure or relaxation,typically done during one's leisure time. Collection hobbies Competition hobbies Observation hobbies 3. Indoors Antiquing Art collecting Book collecting Card collecting Coin collecting Deltiology (Postcard collecting) Element collecting Modelling Record collecting Stamp collecting Stone collecting Vintage Books Vintage clothing Movie collectingOutdoors Antiquities Auto audiophilia Flower collecting and pressing Fossil hunting Insect collecting Leaf collecting and pressing Metal detecting Mineral collecting Rock stacking Seaglass collecting Seashell collecting 4. PIKABELLECHU AND HER PIKACHUCOLLECTION 5. Have you ever played of Pokemon duel? According to theGuinness Book of World Records, a woman by the name ofPikabellechu has the largest Pokemon collection in the world.Although she has an enormous collection of different varieties ofPikachu itself, she has a massive collection of figurines of each oneof the characters. Plus, she has toys, posters, cards, and even cars!With this, she has already been considered as a Pokemon expertwhenever she shows up in conventions and other Pokemon events. 6. With over 5,000 different bars of soaps, the 65-year-oldCarol Vaughn from Birmingham, UK, is considered asthe largest collector of soaps in the world. She said thatshe has been collecting soaps since 1991, when shethought it was a good way to pass the time whileconstantly looking out for her mother. With over 22years, she has amassed soaps of different kinds fromher hometown to as far as Australia. 7. Barry Chappell is not only considered as the largestcollector of chewed gum but he is also a non-smokingadvocate! His insane collection of chewed gum startedwhen he was sitting in a plane for an international flight.Since he can't smoke inside the plane, he started chewing aNicorette gum instead. Afterwards, when he realized that hecan't throw it anywhere, he decided to just hold on to it andstarted twirling it with his fingers until he formed a ball.After six years with over 95,200 pieces of gum, he was ableto create a 175-pound of gigantic ball of chewed gum! 8. Bath time sure is the most fun time for this lady's kids!Valli Hammer currently holds the title as the largestcollector of rubber ducks, accounting for almost 2,469pieces with no two of them alike. However, there aresome who say that her collection is a hundred piecesfewer than another collector from California whoclaims to be the largest collector of rubber ducks.Nevertheless, this one is certainly an insane collection. 9. If you expect that only girls and women collectBarbie dolls, you are wrong! A 33-year-old man fromSingapore has a massive collection of 6,000 varietiesof Barbie dolls stocked in a pink living room in hishouse. Jian Yang, a director at Omicom Media Groupin Singapore, started collecting dolls when he wasstill 13 years old after buying the "Great Shape"model. Then, this sudden interest turned into a crazyobsession for 20 years and counting! 10. Probably one of the most coveted collections in theworld, Chris Reid has an insane collection of over 340varieties of Super Soaker water guns! You can alreadyfeel the envy in kids right now! The Super Soakerwater gun was first introduced in the market in 1989and has since became the most favorite water gun forkids because it is designed with a pump-action systemthat lets you shoot water for very long distances, unlikeother common water guns. His very first Super Soakerwas even signed by the water gun inventor himself,Lonnie Johnson! 11. Creepy as it sounds, there is really an actual collectionof celebrity hairs out there. While other die-hardfanatics collect memorabilia of their favorite superstars,John Reznikoff decided to take it to a higher level bycollecting their hair. He has a personal collection ofdifferent DNA's from the world's most famous peopleincluding Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, and evenAlbert Einsten! At first glance, the museum may looklike a collection of albums but inside there are locks ofhairs. 12. While other people collect porcelain dolls or Barbie dolls,spouses Bob and Lizzie Gibbbins, 60 and 55, has a massivecollection of almost 240 different kinds of love dolls boughtfor almost $160,000! This strange fascination for dollsstarted when Bob used to buy rag dolls for their twochildren. Then, he started to collect mannequins until hemoved to amassing love dolls. Their first ever love doll wasBeverly, a silicone doll, bought for $4,000 in 2007. Sincethen, the two started buying more dolls, including blow-updolls. They love to dress them up and even take them forshopping sprees! 13. Yes, believe it or not, someone has been collecting hisnavel lint for the past 26 years! The man behind thisoverly insane collection is Graham Barker, a 45-year-oldlibrarian from Australia. So what sparked this brilliantidea? It started when he was doing nothing one night andhe suddenly became curious with how much navel lint aman will be able to produce in his lifetime. Surely, theonly way to find out is for him to collect his every singleday - and that is what he did! Every day, before steppinginto the shower, he spends at least 10 seconds to collecthis own lint and put it in a jar. As of today, he is able tofill three jars!