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  • 1. JournalOfMaria Ahmed 6S

2. I was resting my weary body onDear diary a slimy lily-pad! After a longoh my days,today has days work. The turtle wasbeen epic and scary at the sleeping,the fishes were gonesame time. for a swim .Just then I beganThe bulrushes were to WOBBLE what was going on Iswaying with the calmthought. The turtle opened hisbreeze. The naked treeseyes to find me lavertating incased shadows which made mid air he shouted get downeverything creepy! The sun what you doing I felt likewas setting severaljumping but every attempt Iminutes later the moon rose higher.show its big white face. 3. Minutes later Id Got used to to flying About the I Decided to scare the Crows away which Were enjoying the I felt soo happy today,I hope it Peacefulness as Would have lasted longer They sat on a Because im now back at the pondElectric wire (which stretched Trying to RALAX.In the distance ) I charged atThe crows and they flew away ! 4. The EndTemplate by www.communication4all.co.uk