Super Sleuth

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  • 1. Super Sleuth The case of the kidnapped pets

2. Police Crime Scene map 3. The Clues

  • Shopping basket
  • Motorbike
  • Truck
  • Train Station
  • Video Shop
  • Cocktail glass
  • Helicopter
  • Horses
  • Bank
  • Primary School

4. Shopping Basket

  • Police Report:Constable Kennedy found this note wedged into a tub of pitted Greek olives in an abandoned shopping basket in Marks and Spencers.

5. Motorbike

  • Police Report:Forensics have discovered rabbit hairs all over the bike.A single note was discovered wedged into the saddle.

6. Truck

  • Police Report:Forensics report dog hairs from various breeds found in the back of the truck and on the passenger seat.A dog collar was left with a note wrapped around it.Police are trying to trace the owners of missing dogs and forensics are doing further tests to discover what breeds the dogs are.

7. Cocktail glass

  • Police Report:Constable Ricard found this note tightly wrapped around the stem of the glass.The very best police brains cant figure it out.Written in chalk next to the glass were the words, a Caesar shift for all the years Mr M has been teaching.

8. Helicopter

  • Police report:An angry Bearsden local, Cameron Coleman, was struck on the head by a hamster wheel.It was thought to have been dropped from a helicopter that was flying overhead at the time.Cameron was unhurt, but it did reveal another clue inside the hamster wheel.

9. Horses

  • Police report:the strangest find was amongst a collection of miniature Breyer horses, discovered dumped inside a trash bin.These strange little figures were found drawn on the side of one of the horses.

10. Bank

  • Police report:we found a scrap of paper on the floor with a strange square with lots of letters on it.On the back were the words, my first name is the key to it all
  • The police also have other important new evidence that has come to their attention.
  • The police are offering a special prize if anyone can unmask the kidnapper before the deadline runs out