Avengers of Digital Marketing: How to superpower your digital marketing strategy

Avengers of Digital Marketing: How to superpower your digital marketing strategy

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Learn how to superpower your digital marketing strategy with the Marvel Avengers. Here at iResources we can’t get enough of the Marvel cinematic universe and it’s many, many films. As we wait for the release of the next Avengers blockbuster, we thought what better way of helping people understand how to use digital marketing than by exploring the parallels with our favourite superheroes? So without further ado, let the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow show you how to use your digital marketing powers for good, and defeat that cunning trickster Loki…

Text of Avengers of Digital Marketing: How to superpower your digital marketing strategy

  • 1. Avengers of digital marketing Use these superpowers for good when planning your digital marketing strategy Be the leader they need iron man Tony Starks the guy that everyone knows and for good reason, hes a people person. A great, yet simple way to make sure people know about you is with social media. Regularly update your profile wwiitthh rreelleevvaanntt posts and content, reach out to potential customers & partners, and generally get involved with your local community & industry. black widow Do it with style Whats the point in great content if doesnt look good? Black Widow always manages to pack a punch in style, whether its with a brilliant one-liner or an over-the-top dropkick. Make sure your content wont be forgotten in a hurry by spending some time on the visuals. HULK SMASH! Get straight to the point Focus on your customers, not yourself hawkeye Be right on target Hawkeye never misses a shot, and he always knows where hes aiming even when hes not looking. When it comes to marketing make sure you know where youre aiming and target the right content at the right customer. dont make like loki Whatever you do in your marketing, dont make like the trickster god, Loki. Customers want someone they can trust, someone that wont force them into buying goods because of a magic spell. Smoke and mirrors didnt work out too well for Loki, so learn from his mistakes and build a trustworthy and loyal brand for your business. A super infographic by Be social thor When we first met Thor, he was selfish and narcissitic in all things. However he soon learned the importance of focusing on the needs of others. Make sure your strategy focuses more on the benefits of your products for your customers than shouting about yourself. captain america Captain America was the leader the Avengers didnt know they needed. Likewise you should make sure to lead your customers by giving them clear call-to-actions across your marketing. Whether its asking them to share content, or register to your newsletter make sure its cclleeaarr aanndd pprreecciissee,, jjuusstt lliikkee tthhee CCaapp.. the incredible hulk Hulk hates hanging around just as much as your customers do. Make sure your marketing gets straight to the point, and lets your customers complete a task as simply as possible.