BarnRaisers Social Media Listening and Audience Profiling

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You don't have to leap into social media to listen. Online audience profiling and social media listening is real time, research that reveals actionable insights to guide customer relationships, marketing initiatives and business strategy


  • 1. Social Media Listening and Online Audience Profiling
  • 2. You dont have to leap into social media to listen Gain a deep understanding of your targets attitudes and behaviors Explore data and dialogue that reveal feelings and perceptions in real time Discover actionable insights that guide: Business Strategy Marketing Messaging Sales and Profitability
  • 3. Internet and social media listening process Segmentation Tracking, Monitoring, Analytics Applied Listening Subject Matter Expert - What is the audience searching? - Where do they go for information? - Who has profiles worth following? - Who has the greatest value? - Participants - Influencers - Advocates - Why? What are segments sizes? Where are they? - What do they want to know? - When do they decide? - How are they influenced? - Who do they trust? - KPIs (Key Performance Indicators - Actionable Dashboards - Monthly reporting to keep strategy on track Trends and Profiling The person who does the analysis and insights Month #1 Month #2 Month #3 On-going
  • 4. Examples of reporting, insights and results
  • 5. Stage #1: Trends and Profiling For a major manufacturer of pajamas, internet search showed whats hot, whats not and when interest peaks. It guided all marketing.
  • 6. Stage #2: Segmentation Spasm Spammer: Generates automated content on muscle spasms; has 7 followers Influencer: Pediatrician in Israel with a large following; a credible voice For a healthcare company with a treatment for infant spasms, influencers were segmented from spammers
  • 7. Stage #3: Applied Listening For a food product, advocate recipe bloggers were found; and a blogger relations program was created that catapulted sales
  • 8. Example of KPI dashboard for CPG company that guides decision making
  • 9. Former Omnicom EVP/Chief Strategy Officer President, BarnRaisers, digital marketing company using proven relationship principles and ROI MBA Faculty at Rutgers CMD and University of California; teaches Social Media and Internet Audience Profiling Author, 166 Case Studies Prove Social Media ROI, downloaded 95,000+ times, and Strategic Digital Marketing (co-author) Proven digital marketing expert does the work 9 Rob Petersen
  • 10. Ready to start listening? Contact: Rob Petersen President BarnRaisers 5 River Road, Suite 205 Wilton, CT 06897 P 203.594.1701 C 203.231.6434