Effective Communication and Marketing to Build a Brand

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<ol><li> 1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION &amp; MARKETING TO BUILD A BRAND Gokce Gizer gg@onkaro.com @gginthemorning </li><li> 2. 2 WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY HOW IT IS PERCEIVED </li><li> 3. 3 COMMUNICATING AN IDEA MARKETING AN IDEA 1 2 </li><li> 4. onkaro104 ATTENTION CAPSULE A THEME INFORMATION OPEN TO LISTEN NEXT STEPS C T I O N Start with something interesting and attention grabbing rather than something basic and common. You should be able to sum up the entire presentation into 2-3 sentences that fit on an Index Card A theme holds the presentation together. Once you decide on a theme, ask yourself if everything is on theme Everything you need to convince people of the brilliance of your point of view (data, strategy, facts.,,) Listen to what the audience is asking and watch their reactions &amp; body language to see if they understand Establish what you want out of this presentation before you start. Determine the destination rst Source: Coughter, Peter. The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills That Win Business. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. </li><li> 5. onkaro105 End in Mind Story Outline A talk is like a journey with ups &amp; downs; and theres always a place we try to get to. Let the audience know the destination before you take them on the journey. They have to know why you are telling this before you start telling it so they can undress the progress. </li><li> 6. onkaro106 Think about a car salesman trying to sell this family car. Instead of starting with all the features of the car, he asks why they are buying it. For a mother of two, he draws the picture of the experience of her picking the kids up from school, having all their soccer gear in the back next to the groceries. Only then he talks about the doors, the TV, carpets&amp; all the mechanics. Destination </li><li> 7. onkaro107 End in Mind Story Outline It is always good to start your presentation with a story that captures the idea that you are presenting about. People can relate to stories more than they can relate to facts and gures. To capture the audience you need them to say this is interesting </li><li> 8. Campaign for Real Beauty (2004) DOVE Not simply selling a bar of soap They are selling the notion of how to feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. Women often select brands that they believe in. Advertising a clear brand mission shows customers that the brand believes in its customers well- being, and builds trust. Nora Miller, co-founder of Anderson Miller PR </li><li> 9. 9 1 Turn customers into advocates. 2 Stay part of the conversation. 3 Emphasize expertise #wearebeautiful </li><li> 10. onkaro1010 End in Mind OutlineStory Before you start designing a presentation you need to break down the story that leads to the idea. Make an outline with all the main points you want to cover. Start from the top like you normally would and then start from the end when you are telling to nd the best way to tell your story. </li><li> 11. onkaro1011 DECONSTRUCT &amp; ORGANIZE Legal Pads &amp; Post-its are your best friends when planning a presentation. Start outlining and planning on paper and then break it out into sections. Write every idea/ slide on a post it note. Move them around and see how the story changes. 1 2 3 </li><li> 12. onkaro1012 DeconstructEnd in Mind 1 2 Outline, Time, Cut &amp; Repeat 3 </li><li> 13. onkaro1013 OutlineStoryEnd in Mind Desire to Give </li><li> 14. 14 MARKETING AN IDEA 2 COMMUNICATING AN IDEA 1 </li><li> 15. onkaro1015 RESEARCH BRAND VALUES BRAND IDENTITY STRATEGY </li><li> 16. 16 RESEARCH </li><li> 17. 17 MARKETING KNOWING = </li><li> 18. YOUCOMPETITORS 18 MARKET INFORMATION SEGMENT SIZEEVOLUTION </li><li> 19. 19 RESEARCH EXERCISE PERSONA </li><li> 20. LOCATION EDUCATION 20 NAME AGE GENDER OCCUPATION PERSONALITY INTERESTS/ HOBBIES NEEDS/ WANTS </li><li> 21. 21 AGE37 29 GENDERM M LOCATIONUPSTATE BROOKLYN EDUCATIONBUSINESS GRAPHIC DESIGN OCCUPATIONFINANCE DESIGNER PERSONALITYFAMILY GUY, LOVES STEAK SOCIAL, OUTGOING, VEGETARIAN INTERESTS/ HOBBIES HOLLYWOOD MOVIES, GOLF INDIE MOVIES, YOGA, MEDITATION NEEDS/ WANTS FIT IN, GOOD- PAYING 9TO5 JOB BE UNIQUE, DO WHAT YOU LOVE NAMEBRIAN JUSTIN </li><li> 22. 22 BRAND VALUES </li><li> 23. 23 Value Proposition Exercise </li><li> 24. 24 I help ______________________________ ___________________________________ by ________________________________. Who Success How </li><li> 25. 25 I help ______________________________ ___________________________________ by _________________________________ Who Success How Startup Founders better communicate their businesses to get funded creating stories &amp; visually appealing materials </li><li> 26. character tone language purpose FRIENDLY WARM INSPIRING PLAYFUL AUTHORITATIVE PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL HUMBLE CLINICAL HONEST DIRECT SCIENTIFIC ENGAGE EDUCATE INFORM ENTERTAIN DELIGHT SELL COMPLEX SAVVY SERIOUS SIMPLE JARGON-FILLED WHIMSICAL </li><li> 27. 27 BRAND IDENTITY </li><li> 28. 28 OPTIMISM CLARITY WARMTH FRIENDLY CHEERFUL CONFIDENCE EXCITEMENT YOUTHFUL BOLD CREATIVE IMAGINATIVE WISE TRUST DEPENDABLE STRENGTH PEACEFUL GROWTH HEALTH BALANCE NEUTRAL CALM Some examples of how colors are perceived </li><li> 29. 29 archetype rktp/ Recurring patterns found in universal stories, identifying the themes, symbols and imagery as part of the human psyche. </li><li> 30. 30 FREEDOM SOCIAL EGO ORDER </li><li> 31. 31 Order from chaos All for one &amp; one for all Making people a priority Where theres a will, theres a way </li><li> 32. 32 CAREGIVER HERO Making people a priority. Consistent and trustworthy, they oer a high level of customer service. The Caregiver Archetype can be applied to brands that help people take care of themselves. Where theres a will, theres a way. Through their determination and perseverance, they heighten the awareness of those around them. They are competent, courageous and responsive, inspiring others to triumph over challenge. </li><li> 33. 33 </li><li> 34. 34 </li><li> 35. 35 STRATEGY </li><li> 36. 36 STRATEGY EXERCISE THEGIFT </li><li> 37. 37 Thought Process of the giver / Your emotions 2 Think about the Most Signicant Gift 1 How? Was the gift giver told? 3 What sets it apart? 5 Evaluate personality/ interests? 4 Time &amp; Effort? Why? 6 </li><li> 38. 38 ASSESS the PERSONALITY DIGDEEPER MAKE IT BETTER 1 2 3 Planning a Marketing Strategy is like giving a gift! </li><li> 39. onkaro1039 RESEARCH BRAND VALUES BRAND IDENTITY STRATEGY </li><li> 40. 40 SUM UP WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY HOW ITS PERCEIVED1 A.C.T.I.O.N.2 Begin with the End in Mind3 Tell a Story4 Deconstruct and Outline5 Clearly dene your Value Proposition6 Do Market Research and know your audience7 Identify your Brand Values8 Create a Brand Identity9 Make your Strategic Plans based on your research, values and identity10 </li><li> 41. THANK YOU! Gokce Gizer gg@onkaro.com </li></ol>