Gain More Referrals by Motivating Your Employees

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Your employees are your best brand advocates. They know more about your brand than anyone else.Unleash the power of your employees to accelerate results for your referral program


  • 1. Gain More Referrals by Motivating Your EmployeesNextBee Media

2. Auto Enrol All Employees in the Referral ProgramDistribute a letter from the CEO encouraging participationCreate artwork and messaging content for your employees to use in their daily interactions 3. on Social Media through EmployeesTap employees network and gain exposure through Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and PinterestEncourage and reward employees for sharing their stories & product experience on social media to their followers.Reward your biggest social influencer each month 4. Create Publicly post a program leader-board featuring top performersFun Contests & Attractive RewardsDefine group goals & interdepartmental contestsRegularly acknowledge and reward top performers 5. Share Methods that WorkCirculate ideas, strategies and best practices among employeesEncourage top performers to guide other employees 6. Fetch Big Results through Small ActionsInclude a message about the program on all automated telephone greetingsProvide employees with Email signatures about the programRegularly review your marketing material to include messages about the referral program. 7. Get New Employees & Interns to Take the Lead Identify geographically critical areas to your businessEncourage employees to focus efforts thereChallenge them to recruit users similar to your top users 8. Encourage Managers to Get Their Teams InvolvedMake program engagement a part of their regular reviewMake a ladder of activities centred around the program for each department 9. Referral Program Powered by EmployeesGet new employees to take the lead Encourage managers to involve their teams Small actions bring Big Results Share methods that work Create fun Contests & attractive Rewards Get Social Media Exposure through Employees Auto-enroll all employees in the Referral program! 10. THANK YOU! www.nextbee.comNextBee Media