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  • 1. MOTIVATING YOUR BOARD WHO AM I? INTRODUCTIONS: THE SPARK MILL Transformation guidance: Plans and strategies for big changes, little steps or reinventions Organizational assessments Strategic Planning Fundraising: Reviews, plans, tactical help, grant support Marketing: Social media reviews, content audits, graphic design Boards: eectiveness reviews, facilitation, coaching, retreats Experiences: special event design, packaging and branding 1
  • 2. OVERVIEW OF THE SESSION Motivating Board Meetings Preparing The Meeting In Between Tools Dashboards Graphs Collateral MOTIVATING Setting Commitments MOTIVATING Action Plans 2
  • 3. MOTIVATING Board and Organizational Contracts MOTIVATING Start Strong Orientation Job Description Program Tour Culture View BOARD MEETINGS Board Meeting vs. Bored Meeting Materials sent out at least 1 week in advance No meeting longer than 2 hours No report longer than a page Consensus and Strategic Agenda Hands on Activity Everything labeled Discussion or Action 3
  • 4. BOARD MEETINGS Make them feel close to the mission BOARD MEETINGS Give me a job before I leave the room. BOARD MEETINGS: IN BETWEEN Stay active Mid-point check in Committee Meetings Celebrations 4
  • 5. TOOLS: DASHBOARDS A tool used to convey information in within a context or as a comparison and oered in a visually appealing way and/or a graphic presentation. TOOLS: DASHBOARD DOs Keep it to one page Give context graphs, trends, colors Keep to high level information Choose the right display Color code to help interpret data Highlight what is most important TOOLS: DASHBOARD DONTs Angst over fancy graphics Make something that takes hours to update Has so much color you cant see straight Fudge the numbers Neglect context 5
  • 6. TOOLS: DASHBOARD - Finance Working Capital Cash Balance to Current Assets Days in Cash Unrestricted Net Assets Cash Flow TOOLS: DASHBOARD - Board Governance Strategic Planning Financial Data Fundraising Data Tell the story that matters TOOLS: DASHBOARD - Board Governance 6
  • 8. TOOLS: COLLATERAL Pic monkey Beautiful Mess TOOLS: COLLATERAL Social Media Content Business Cards The Golden Rule 8
  • 9. Sarah Milston{The Spark Mill} We can help you start, stop, leap, and everything in between. to talk:804.852.6409# to write: to 804-852-6409 9