How Christchurch consumers and businesses are using media

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  • Today were going to take a look at how Christchurch people and advertisers consume

    and use media. We know that nationally 54% of Kiwis use a mixture of print and online

    sources to search for products and services, but each region has its differences and

    insights that make it a unique place to do business.


  • Kiwis use multiple sources to search. You cant afford to put all your marketing eggs in

    one basket, and when youre planning your marketing strategy and budget for the year,

    you need to ensure you also have a mix of both media too.

    Online is definitely an important part of your media plan, and in fact when you add up

    the 26% of consumers who ONLY use digital resources to search, thats a massive 4 out

    of 5 people who use online searches e.g. Google, company websites, digital directories,

    one day deal sites as part of their search process.

    But print is incredibly important, and its the cornerstone of your offline presence and

    promotion. In addition its an integral part of driving customers to view your online



  • 86% of people in Christchurch have internet access at home.

    So what does that mean for your business? It means your customers now have more

    places than ever in which to search for products and services. The internet has opened

    up a whole raft of possibilities for consumers to find and hear about your business

    which can be a positive thing, but with so many places to promote your business, and

    most likely a limited marketing budget, you need to be armed with knowledge about the

    most effective places to spend your marketing dollar.


  • We can now access information, check work emails and research or even buy products

    and services while were out and about on our smartphones. 63% of people in

    Christchurch own a smartphone, which is higher than the national average, which is


    Half of Christchurch smartphone owners use their mobile devices for much more than

    calling and sending text messages. They are connecting with their social networks,

    surfing the internet for news and information, shopping and making purchases. This

    means you need to tailor your marketing channels to capture these captive mobile


    Research has shown that 67% of smartphone users are more likely to make a purchase

    with a mobile friendly site than a non-mobile friendly site and 79% of people will avoid

    shopping and purchasing at sites they consider difficult or slow on their smartphone.

    Luckily now at Yellow every website that we build for a customer is optimised for

    mobile. So if your website or ecommerce site isnt optimised for mobile traffic, you could

    be losing potential customers and sales.


  • 67% of Christchurch consumers use Google every month. But what you might not realise

    is that once customers find you on Google, theres a high chance theyll contact your

    business. In Christchurch, 1 in 2 people who searched on Google in the last month

    actually contacted a business after they found them online.

    Thats 103,000 people making over 7 million look ups a month. These are numbers you

    simply cant afford to miss out on by not being found online or even worse, not having

    an online business presence at all!

    If youre looking for simple, quick and cost effective ways to get online, Yellow can help.

    We can get you started with a digital directory listing, get you up and running with your

    own website, and to complement both of these, especially if you have a physical address

    a Google My Business listing can get you found in Google location searches AND direct

    traffic to your website.


  • 55% of consumers in Christchurch still turn to a Yellow print directory to search for

    businesses, including Yellow Pages, White Pages and Yellow Local. And once

    customers know your name, over a third of people in your region pick up the White

    Pages section and look for your contact details.

    Print is often the first port of call during a consumers search process, which is why its

    essential to a) be found, and then b) to direct people to find out more about you. If you

    have a website, you need to put the URL in your ad to direct people there.

    But having a presence in the Yellow print directories now has an even better benefit.

    Every ad now appears in our new Yellow Pages eBook.


  • Tablets are an ideal medium to view the Yellow Pages eBook, which is an electronic

    replica of the Yellow Pages. It's laid out exactly like the print version of the Yellow Pages,

    but in a handy electronic format.

    With the Yellow Pages eBook your customers can zoom into your ad to make it easier to

    read. And they can also click straight through to your website and email addresses,

    meaning you they can share business information with their friends. And because word

    of mouth and referrals is so important to Kiwis and is a strong source of leads for NZ

    businesses, this functionality will get your business found by more people.


  • When it comes to online directories, Yellow has the NZ market covered. Around 60% of

    digital directory visits are to Yellows top 3 directories Yellow Online, White Pages

    Online and finda.

    And when Yellow Online searchers find you they buy. 1 in 2 Yellow Online searches in

    Christchurch then go on to make a purchase. That could be with your business!


  • So weve covered off what your customers in Christchurch are using to research and

    make informed purchase decisions. Lets now take a look to see whether businesses like

    yours are putting their marketing money in the right places, that is, the places where

    consumers are actually searching.

    Earlier we mentioned that 58% of consumers use a mix of online and offline sources

    when searching. It seems Christchurch businesses recognise this because youre right on

    the money with your advertising and promotional choices as 71% of you and your

    competitors - are using both online and offline marketing methods.

    We know this because last year Yellow ran research to help us understand what

    advertising NZ businesses are using now in terms of offline and digital. We also asked

    them what kinds of promotion businesses are intending to use in the next 12 months or

    so. And the great thing is that were able to break this down by region or by industry



  • Over half of Christchurch businesses already have a company website, which is a great

    first step and at 49% youre bang on the national average. Of course once you have a

    website the work doesnt stop there. Theres no point having a digital presence if your

    customers cant find you. At Yellow our digital marketing consultants work with our

    customers on strategies to get customers to their website. We talk about two phases of

    increasing traffic:

    The first is Buying traffic through Search Engine Marketing or Google AdWords for a

    short term burst of activity. To take on a running analogy, we liken this to running at a


    The second is building traffic through SEO or Search Engine Optimisation for longer

    term and more consistent activity. And if we go back to running, this is more of a

    marathon approach.

    If you have a website with Yellow we provide monthly reporting which shows you how

    much traffic youve had to your website and all websites we sell come with free Google

    Analytics which you can access at any time to see how your website is performing

    where traffic is coming from, which pages are most popular and how much time and at

    what time people are accessing your website. If youre concerned that your website

    could be doing a better sales job for you have a chat to us at Yellow and we can help

    you optimise your website through SEO, get some traffic with Google AdWords, or we

    may recommend an overhaul of your entire website.


  • Weve already seen the strong usage numbers for Yellows print directories in

    Christchurch. If that wasnt enough reason to have a listing or display ad that stands out

    above the rest, the fact that many other businesses in the Christchurch use these

    directories means you need to think carefully about your print strategy.

    27% of local businesses use the Yellow Pages, while 25% use the White Pages and

    13% use Yellow Local. So theres strong competition here. With a relatively high

    presence by advertisers, ensuring you stand out from the rest is essential and making

    your contact details, business areas of expertise, opening hours and website address

    prominent, could be the difference between being contacted by a potential customer

    and being passed over for a competitor.

    And because its often the printed books that consumers refer to as a first port of call to

    research a business, you need to ensure youre on the consideration list at the beginning

    of a purchase journey. We have a range of offers to boost your ad size, or even enable

    you to advertise in a different print category for free.


  • A presence in a Yellow digital directory gets you in front of an engaged audience as 32%

    of people searching online in Christchurch used a Yellow online directory in the last


    And for those who may be a bit reluctant to dip their toe into the digital water