Lead Gen for SMBs: How to Integrate SEO Into the Marketing Mix

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Lead generation for small to medium sized businesses and learning how to integrate SEO into the existing marketing mix. Business Marketing Association - Atlanta April 2014 luncheon.

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2. Platinum Sponsors 3. Gold Sponsors 4. Silver Sponsors 5. Event Sponsors 6. Our Presentation 7. Lead Gen for SMBs: How to Integrate SEO into Your Marketing Mix Jenny Munn SEO Consultant for In-House Marketers & Small Businesses www.JennyMunn.com @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 8. WHAT WELL COVER Brief Overview of SEO Tactical SEO Lead Gen Must Dos & Mistakes Strategic SEO Lead Gen Must Dos & Mistakes Takeaways @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 9. WHO IS JENNY? @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 10. WHY THIS MATTERS 11. WHO IS JENNY? SEO Consultant-> I put together SEO lead gen plans and train businesses how to get results 12. Brief SEO Overview 13. HISTORY OF SEO SEO used to be about going down a checklist of technical to dos Historically a very technical discipline The industry is overrun with shady professionals who guarantee 1st place rankings Examples Canonical Tags rel=nofollow Meta Tags Geo-Targeting Robots.txt XML Sitemaps tag Panda Update HUH?! @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 14. ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION HISTORY @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn If you need career counseling, look for a professional counselor. Career counseling can help you in many ways. The first benefit of career counseling is finding a job quickly. Career counseling can also help you avoid making interviewing mistakes that cost you the job. When you need career counseling services, dont hesitate to call the best career counselor in Atlanta. 15. INTERNAL LINKING GONE WILD @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 16. HIDING LINKS @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 17. BUYING LINKS ON THE CHEAP @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 18. WHY SEO IS SO CONFUSING @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 19. Tactical: Mistakes & Must Dos for SEO Lead Gen Success 20. 5 SEO/KEYWORD MISTAKES THAT WILL BE YOUR LEAD GEN DOWNFALL 5 SEO/Keyword Mistakes: 1. Targeting keywords with a lack of buying intent 2. Targeting the same keyword 3. Pursuing keywords that are out of your league 4. Failing to keep making decisions and execute 5. Not carrying through with website marketing best practices critical to SEO success @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 21. MISTAKE #1: TARGETING KEYWORDS WITH NO INTENT TO BUY @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn What keywords do you think people use to find your services/products? What if they were shortlisting providers? Think: USER INTENT TO BUY NOT time management NOT health insurance 22. MISTAKE #2: TARGETING THE SAME KEYWORDS (REPEATEDLYOVER AND OVER) @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 23. KEYWORD CANNIBALIZATION @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 24. MISTAKE #3: YOURE OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Source: IMDB.com 25. TIP: GOOGLE YOUR KEYWORD @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 26. CASE STUDY: SOFTWARE CONSULTING FIRM @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Netsuite Consultant vs. Outgrowing Quickbooks 27. MISTAKE #4: PERFECTIONITIS @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn The most important thing is to get started. A half decent keyword is better than NO keyword 28. TO DO: CHECK ANALYTICS TO BENCHMARK SEO RESULTS TO DATE @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Next Step: Check Google Analytics (synced with Google Webmaster Tools) 29. TO DO: CHECK ANALYTICS TO BENCHMARK SEO RESULTS TO DATE @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn What SEO Results Are You Seeing? 30. TO DO: CHECK ANALYTICS TO BENCHMARK SEO RESULTS TO DATE @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Average Position & Clicks On Your Website 31. MISTAKE #5: IGNORING LEAD GEN/WEBSITE MARKETING BEST PRACTICES @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Spoonfeed Google Trustbuilding & Social Proof elements present? Fresh site design Website page layout CTA on EVERY page Great SEO copywriting Convert prospects not quite ready to buy? 32. Strategic SEO Lead Gen Must Dos & Mistakes 33. MANAGING SEO INTEGRATION @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Initial SEO Projects: audits (technical, content, competitive), keyword research, on-page optimization of core pages, Google Analytics/Google Webmaster Tools setup Ongoing SEO Projects: reviewing analytics, link earning efforts, content creation and optimization, social media, attention to industry changes, conversion optimization Create a Practical Strategy & Execution Plan: Based on resources, current marketing mix and activities planned and forecasted Source: Busterandellie.com 34. MARCOMM WHAT DOES SEO LOOK LIKE? @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn 35. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SEO? @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Other SEO elements: Technical basics Off-page/links Social signals Web architecture Unique content Substantial content Structured markup Source: Alittlereality.blogspot.com 36. MINDSET & SUCCESS CHARACTERISTICS @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Throw perfectionism out the door Be decisive Resourceful & Resilient NOT resigned Ask questions and think it through Jump in before you see the whole picture SEO is not black magic Execution is critical 37. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF SEO IS WORKING? @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Good: Rankings + Average Position Better: Data from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Time on site Bounce rate Pages visited Keywords/Queries + Clicks Best: Are you getting calls, emails and people filling out the contact us form or converting? 38. MARKETING/ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS TO SUCCESS @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Are you already: Engaging in social media? Blogging? Using an SEO-friendly CMS like WordPress? Getting people to talk about you? Active in other marketing channels? Using internal or external marketing resources? Invested in bringing in more leads to your business? Pursuing ways to consistently be in front of your target market? 39. IDENTIFYING A GOOD SEO PARTNER @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Source: mizuni.com 1. Emphasis on understanding your business, prospects and market 2. Work with someone who you can understand 3. Professionalism counts use your gut 4. Social proof active or anonymous? 5. Is NOT an SEO of the past 6. Provides MORE than reporting a level of service is involved 40. TAKEAWAYS @bmaatlanta @JennyMunn Dont fall prey to SEO changes constantly so why bother? Prioritize keywords with buyer/commercial intent Be competitive but know what keyword league you can compete in Get greedy Dont be a perfectionist Integrate GA with GWT and check out your queries report for clicks and average position Identify resources needed to begin an SEO strategy kick off Plot out how to integrate SEO into the marketing mix Become a member of BMA Atlanta because of all the great future training, networking and activities ahead Your site is not going to SEO itself get into execution as quickly as possible 41. Questions? Thank you! Jenny Munn SEO Consultant for In-House Marketers & Small Businesses www.JennyMunn.com Jenny@JennyMunn.com How to Find Keywords Free Report (http://jennymunn.com/are-you-an- seo-beginner/) Email me: jenny@jennymunn.com