The Digital Marketing Workshop SXSW 2014

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  1. 1. The Digital Marketing Workshop SXSW 2014 #reachhack
  2. 2. Who we are Blake Robinson - @blake Director, Product & Marketing, @Annalect Israel Mirsky - @IsraelMirsky Global Managing Dir, Social & Performance, @Annalect Margaret Francis - @MargaretFrancis VP, Product, @Heroku Marshall Kirkpatrick - @MarshallK CEO, @GetLittleBird
  3. 3. What is marketing?
  4. 4. marketing [mahr-ki-ting] n. The act or process of buying or selling in a market. n. The commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer.
  5. 5. Marketing typically works like this
  6. 6. Marketing should work like this
  7. 7. Whats happening now? Whats coming up? Marketing Trends
  8. 8. Data Management Platforms DMPs Enable: Cross channel audience targeting Effective, efficient programmatic Reach/frequency AOL Finding things 1st -> TC Putting it all together ->RWW Now Productizing my lessons learned Leveraging my personal social capital Putting the machine into your hands with Little Bird (
  9. 49. Metrics ROI Awesomeness New business opportunities earned and won Connections to target market influencers (Little Bird) Klout score
  10. 50. Strategy: Always add value Mechanical: IF you are interesting and useful THEN people will talk about you BECAUSE when people spread your interesting content THEY get points for being interesting themselves. Poetic: Adding value is good because the Internet is wonderful. The Network of People offers an abundance of beauty and knowledge, discovery and empowerment - lets revel in and celebrate it!
  11. 51. Five ways to add value with curation Tactic: Curation
  12. 52. 1. Be first
  13. 53. 2. Say it best
  14. 54. 3. Aggregate
  15. 55. 4. Bring a unique perspective
  16. 56. (Definitely the toughest) 5. Be funny
  17. 57. Tactic: Working out loud Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work Bryce Williams Social Collab Consultant, Eli Lilly @TheBrycesRight Stowe Boyd: Discover key information earlier Succeed, improve or fail more quickly Increases resilience in uncertainty
  18. 58. Tactic: Make it a habit BJ Foggs model Make it small Tie it to an anchor habit (eg read 5 tweets) Celebrate
  19. 59. Tactic: Make it a habit Marshalls model Oversubscribe and filter Monitor for break- out hits & key opportunities Put it in a UI youll trip over
  20. 60. Tactic: Make it a habit If/Then If Ive arrived at work, if its after lunch, then scan the trade press If Im doing business with someone new, then I analyze their industry connections If something happens in the world that I can add value to the discussion around, then I will at least Tweet about it
  21. 61. To summarize: 1. Grow yourself - it will serve your company well. 2. Add value - make the pie higher for everyone, the social web follows an abundance model 3. Curate strategically - being awesome online is an art and science 4. Work out loud - that way everyone learns more, faster 5. Take steps to make it a habit - wash, rinse, repeat. Hustle + patience + creativity + generosity + relevance + luck = success!
  22. 62. and determining ROI Measurement
  23. 63. Do you have all these programs?
  24. 64. Are you able to measure ROI?
  25. 65. Social Value
  26. 66. Top-Down Approaches
  27. 67. Bottom-Up Approaches
  28. 68. Determining the measurement mix
  29. 69. No single approach dominates - its a mix.
  30. 70. Planning for success
  31. 71.
  32. 72. Choosing your objectives
  33. 73. Set achievable goals Find users / customers: o Get 100 legitimate prospects in your email list Prepare to raise money: o Target 10 firms and their principals/ analysts/ associates Connect with influencers: o Get 10 relevant people following you Network with peers: o Connect with 10 people in your field. Establish a relationship
  34. 74. Analyzing your objectives
  35. 75. Analytics are the measurement of movement toward your business goals.
  36. 76. A good metric is Clear, comparable ratios Tied to your business model Actionable, not vain Correlated or causal Leading or Lagging
  37. 77. Comparable Ratios: Miles/mpg/tpmph Clear: You know 60MPH is twice as fast as 30MPH o In a country, speed limits and mileage are well understood o Kilometers are conveniently decimal; miles map to hours Rates: Miles travelled is good; miles per hour is better; accelerating or decelerating changes your gas pedal Business model: You can measure MPH divided by speeding tickets as a metric of driving fast without losing my license
  38. 78. A few words on causality.
  39. 79. BAD METRIC. If it cant change your behavior, then its a...
  40. 80. If you can only measure a few things
  41. 81. Most startups dont know what theyre going to be when they grow up.
  42. 82. A growth rate of 5% per week is good, 7% is very good and more than 7% is excellent. As a startup, you must measure growth.
  43. 83. But what kind of growth should you measure?
  44. 84. Startups and smaller initiatives should consider measuring the following: Revenue Conversions Desired interactions Shares of content or product Engagements with your content or your product Uniques and pages visited
  45. 85. Twitter & Facebook Ads
  46. 86. Twitter Ads Increase Awareness & Intent
  47. 87. Ads increase awareness
  48. 88. FB Custom Audience: The Clymb
  49. 89. FB Custom Audience: The Clymb
  50. 90. Facebook Fan Value
  51. 91. Qualitative value of Twitter follower
  52. 92. Quantitative value of Twitter follower
  53. 93. Marketing on a budget
  54. 94. Thanks everybody! Thats all!


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