Think Big, Start Fast: How to Prepare for Marketing Automation Success

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  • Ruud Leijten|

    Marketing Operations Manager EMEA | Dropbox

    Marketing operations @ Dropbox

  • 2010 2012 2013 2014

  • 1. The Dropbox Journey 2. Dropbox & Marketo 3. How to set yourself up for success 4. Q&A

    Table of Contents

  • Dropbox Journey

  • The Dropbox journey Products

  • Dropbox founded 2007

    Dropbox The story Dropbox has gone through tremendous growth to become

    the leading collaboration network C





    Devices Dropbox launched 2008

    People Dropbox API



    Dropbox for Teams 2011


    Dropbox for Bus inesses




    2.1B connections

  • 2.2B EMEA


    72+ Countries we

    are selling into

    106 Sales reps

    15+ Languages

    spoken by sales

    40% Global sign-


    43% Global HVAs

    28% Global DfB


    The Dropbox journey EMEA holds huge untapped potential

  • 300M

    450M users


    120k+ Paying businesses

    300K apps

    2.1B connection (shared folders & links) 1.2B fi les uploaded daily

    37B MS Office Files

    The Dropbox journey Explosive growth on all fronts since I joined

    ( L a s t y e a r s g r o w t h )


    1500 Employees


    12 Offices


    88 Marketing team

  • 2014 2015

    The Dropbox journey Deeply rooted within our customers Adoption is our key to ROI

  • 2014

    (9 FTE) 2015

    (88 FTE)

    The Dropbox journey The Marketing Organization has grown at remarkable rate

  • Dropbox & Marketo

  • Dropbox & Marketo Why did we need Marketo?

    Our situation Need

    High number of contacts Robust data management system

    Hyper growth company

    Scalable User management Folder structure Workspaces & partitions user Seamless integration with SFDC

    Varied marketing team Easy to use Yet flexible Clone / copy feature

  • - Lead capture (gated content)

    - Lead & customer nurturing - Sales automation

    - Sales ammunition

    - Data maintenance

    - Lead scoring

    - Reporting & analytics

    Dropbox & Marketo What we use it for

  • Dropbox & Marketo Lead nurture example

  • Example: Project Qualify

  • Challenge Solution

    IP Traffic (Consumer)

    - Cant justify spending expensive sales time on small deals

    - Dont know whos the decision maker

    - Manual multi-touch email correspondence is cumbersome / impossible

    - Identify user groups with high propensity to buy

    - Automate sales email drip tracks

    - Gain intel on user database to personalize emails

    - Automate getting DMs / referrals

    - Nurture DMs to MQLs

    Example: Project Qualify In a nutshell

  • Example: Project Qualify A three-step approach to qualifying leads

  • Example: Project Qualify Step 1 Getting to know our users

  • Example: Project Qualify Step 2 Getting the referral and uti l izing information gathered

  • Example: Project Qualify Processing referrals

    The Catflap!

  • Example: Project Qualify Step 3 Nurturing the DM

  • Example: Project Qualify What it looks l ike in Marketo

  • Example: Project Qualify Results

    Sales conversion rates: - From 4% to 12%

    Sales cycle length:

    - f rom 18 days to 11 days

    - From 14 to 7 touches

  • How to set yourself up for Success

  • - Commitment - Time investment - Budget (software & external help) - Content

    - Accept that its not an overnight success - Accept the fact that things will go wrong

    How to set up for success Prerequisites

  • - Get sales & management buy-in

    - Involve sales in the process

    - Build a sales development team

    - Create joined KPIs / targets with sales team

    How to set up for success Marketing and sales al ignment

  • How to set up for success Build a simple plan & communicate internally

  • How to set up for success Perform a content audit

  • How to set up for success Invest in top-of-funnel content

  • - Make the right decision the first time

    - Get help

    - Define nice haves vs. must haves

    - Dont think you need enterprise software

    - Dont ever think about building internally

    How to set up for success Find the right marketing automation platform

  • - Seamless integration with CRM (bi-directional and fast)

    - Marketing database manipulation features

    - Ability to copy programs and campaigns

    - Engagement engine

    - Comprehensive list of triggers, filters and actions

    How to set up for success Must haves

  • How to set up for success Stick with best practices

  • - Prevent at the gate - Implement standardization mechanisms

    - Use segmentation

    How to set up for success Fix your marketing database challenges immediately

  • What can we do now to turn around this quarter?

    How to set up for success Never ask the question

  • Ruud Leijten|

    Marketing Operations Manager EMEA | Dropbox

    Marketing operations @ Dropbox


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