10 Ideas for Engaging Push Notification Campaigns

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Looking for ideas to engage your mobile app users with push notifications? Here is some inspiration for you. Twitter: @AppboyDave



2. Its not always easy to come up with engaging content, and good reasons to push message your users. Hopefully, the ideas that follow will give you some inspiration @APPBOYDAVE WHAT MESSAGE SHOULD I SEND? 3. There are a lot of holidays in a calendar year in the U.S. Add each of these holidays to your content calendar, and take advantage of each and every one them. http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/ @APPBOYDAVE1 TIE-IN TO A HOLIDAY 4. There are always current events happening in pop culture. Pick a few feeders TMZ, Vulture, Perez Hilton and capitalize on key moments. @APPBOYDAVE2 TIE-IN TO POP CULTURE 5. What kind of culture do you foster among your app users? If this style of message fits your culture, give it a go. Word of caution: Use sparingly. @APPBOYDAVE3 TONGUE-IN-CHEEK / KITSCHY 6. This is a great reason to reach out to users announce a new feature, new products, new content anything NEW! Humans crave new stimuli. @APPBOYDAVE4 ANNOUNCE UPDATES IN APP 7. Keep your users guessing. This is a strategy employed by many Internet media titans (Eat These 5 Super-Foods: You Wont Believe What They Are Click Here to See). People are naturally curious. Peak their curiosity. @APPBOYDAVE5 THE CLIFF-HANGER! 8. People love contests and sweepstakes. Make it social to capitalize on the viral effect and drive more organic downloads. @APPBOYDAVE6 CONTEST / SWEEPSTAKES 9. Keep it short n sweet. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. @APPBOYDAVE7 GET RIGHT TO THE POINT 10. Asking your users a question is a great way to make them feel involved in the conversation and bolster engagement. This is a best-kept secret amongst Social Media Managers. @APPBOYDAVE8 ASK A QUESTION 11. Inclement weather can be your best friend. Capitalize on moments where your users are probably trapped indoors and glued to their mobile device as a result. @APPBOYDAVE9 TIE-IN TO A WEATHER EVENT 12. Dont just get them to open the appdrive them to do something once they open the app. Make your push notification count! @APPBOYDAVE10 ASK THEM TO DO SOMETHING 13. A/B TEST your push notifications to small groups of users before sending to your entire app audience. Optimize the open rate. Dont leave it to chance. @APPBOYDAVE TRACK METRICS on your push notification campaigns (# Sent, Open Rate %, Direct Opens, Influenced Opens, etc.). Analyze and tweak as necessary. FINAL THOUGHTS Employ a RE-TARGETING strategy. Dont just send a single push and expect optimal results. Follow-up with people who didnt interact the first time. 14. @APPBOYDAVE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!