IM Action - Mobile Apps Marketing (Overview)

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<ol><li> 1. Mobile App Marketing For App &amp; Game Developers &amp; Owners </li><li> 2. Research We estimate viability and marketing potential of your product to advise you on your app development strategy. Competitive analysis Audience research App data collection and interpretation </li><li> 3. Marketing strategy We advise on marketing and development strategies on all stages. Pre- production Production Pre- launch Soft launch Hard launch Post- launch Performance tracking and support Re- engagement Research Everything's ready and tested! Monetization Usability/Playability Virality Localization ASO Landing Page PR SMM User Acquisition </li><li> 4. Production support We reduce your risks by overseeing the creative process: Monetization Usability/Playability Localization &amp; Cultural Differences Social Sharing &amp; Virality </li><li> 5. ASO + Landing page Copywriting and design briefs from content marketing professionals. Apple App Store &amp; Google Play Market Optimization Icons Screenshots Descriptions Keywords Landing Page Content Page structure Texts Analytics Search engine optimization </li><li> 6. PR &amp; SMM Professional building of word of mouth 7 years of experience with press &amp; mass media We work with all available channels: Press release distribution Press coverage Message boards/forums Professional events Facebook Twitter Reddit Quora </li><li> 7. Paid user aquistion For most mobile marketing agencies, this is the first step. For us, this is the last one it comes only after elaborate preparation. Non-incentivized traffic from Facebook, iAd, AdMob/AdWords Incentivized traffic from reward offering services Budget acquisition: cross-promo, partnerships Banner ads on related websites </li><li> 8. Why us? Getting in the tops is easy. We help you stay there for longer. </li><li> 9. Contacts In Moscow, Russia: 2 Sretensky Tupick, Moscow, Russia, 107045 +7 915 263 3956 In Minsk, Belarus 13 Krasnaya Str., Minsk, Belarus, 220000 +375 29 6905355 Email: Web: </li></ol>