Latin American Governments (Cuba, Brazil, And Mexico)

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<ul><li> 1. Latin American GovernmentsUnit 8<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Brazil: Type of Government<br />Representative Democracy<br />Brazil is made up of 26 states<br />Each state has its own constitution and legislature.<br /> 3. BRAZIL <br />CapitalCity: Brasilia <br />Date of Independence:September 7, 1822. <br />Status: DEMOCRACY! <br />Voting Age: 18 <br /> 4. Brazil: Type of Legislature<br />State level:<br />Has its own legislature in which to make state laws.<br />Citizens vote on representative for their state legislature.<br />National level:<br />National Congress consists of 2 houses:<br />Chamber of Deputies<br />Federal Senate<br />States vote on representatives for each of these houses.<br /> 5. Brazil: Type of Executive Branch<br />President LuizInacio Lula Da Silva. <br />Since January 1, 2003. <br /> 6. Political Parties <br />Brazilian Democratic Movement Party; Brazilian Labor Party; Brazilian Renewal Labor Party; Brazilian Republican Party; Brazilian Social Democracy Party; Brazilian Socialist Party; Christian Labor Party. <br /> 7. Cuba: Type of Government<br />Unitary Socialist Republic<br />14 provinces and 1 special municipality<br /> 8. CUBA <br />Capital City: Havana <br />Date of Independence: May 20, 1902. <br />Status: DICTATORSHIP <br />Voting Age: 16 <br /> 9. Cuba: Type of Legislature<br />National Assembly of Peoples Power<br />600 members voted on by citizens of Cuba<br />National assembly appoints members to Council of State.<br />Council of State<br />31 members<br />Led by President<br />Controls Cubas economy at the national and regional level.<br /> 10. Cuba: Type of Executive Branch<br />President: Raul Castro <br />Since: February 28, 2008. <br /> 11. Political Parties<br />Cuban Communist Party<br /> 12. Cuba: Role of Citizen<br />Age 16 Cubans must vote.<br />Vote for members of legislature<br />Do Not vote on the president<br /> 13. Mexico: Type of Government<br />Federal Republic<br />31 states, one federal district <br /> 14. MEXICO<br />Capital City: Mexico City<br />Date of Independence: September 16, 1810. <br />Status: FEDERAL DEMOCRACY <br /> 15. Mexico: Form of Leadership<br />Elected President: Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa <br />Since: December 1, <br />2006. <br /> 16. Mexico: Type of Legislature<br />Senate<br />96 elected members<br />Serve six year terms<br />Chamber of Deputies<br />300 members <br />Serve 3 year terms<br /> 17. Mexico: Role of Citizen<br />Age 18 citizens are required by law to vote<br />Vote on state governors, city mayors, members of legislature and the President.<br /> 18. Political Parties<br />Convergence for Democracy; Institutional Revolutionary Party; Labor Party; Mexican Green Ecological Party; National Action Party; New Alliance Party <br /></p>