Myths vs. Truths at St. Vincent's Hospital

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  • 1. The Myths & Truths on the Closure of
  • 2. Myth 1 St. Vincents is a private hospital and can close at any time.
  • 3. The TRUTH Not-For-Profit Public Health Law Administrative Regulations
  • 4. Myth 2 St. Vincents was run professionally by experts in the medical field.
  • 5. The TRUTH Run by outside consultants $10 million for 10 Executives Hundreds of Millions in Consultants
  • 6. Myth 3 St. Vincents Board of Directors acted responsibly.
  • 7. The TRUTH Did not comply with Open Meetings Law Actions taken in secret Refused to bring in restructuring team in 2009
  • 8. Myth 4 St. Vincents complied with the law in closing the hospital.
  • 9. The TRUTH Not-for-Profit Public Health Law Administrative Regulations Hiding in Bankruptcy
  • 10. Myth 5 St. Vincents made public disclosure of their financial documents.
  • 11. The TRUTH Failed to file with the AG for years as required by law Never mentioned debts to Public Officials
  • 12. Myth 6 St. Vincents was almost a billion dollars in debt.
  • 13. The TRUTH Shifting of assets in 2001 St. Vincents absorbs all debt
  • 14. Myth 7 An urgent care facility is as good as a Hospital.
  • 15. The TRUTH Not an emergency room No beds Duane Reade?
  • 16. Myth 8 Department of Health fulfilled its mandate to oversee the operation of St. Vincents.
  • 17. The TRUTH All actions cloaked in secrecy No documents released to the public
  • 18. Myth 9 The Charities Bureau at the Attorney Generals Office ensured that St. Vincents complied with the law.
  • 19. The TRUTH Failed to file for three years Incomplete Filings Not-for-Profit Enron
  • 20. Myth 10 This cant happen again!
  • 21. The TRUTH The future of Health Care if we dont stop it.
  • 22. Emergency Department Treatment vs. Urgent Care Treatment You cannot have an emergency room without a hospital! When you need to go to the When an Urgent Care Center can Emergency Room: better meet your needs: If you have a serious condition - stroke, Minor burns or injuries heart attack, severe bleeding, head Sprains and strains injury Coughs, colds, and sore throats or other major trauma don't take a Ear infections chance Allergic reactions (non life- with anything life threatening. The ER threatening) is Fever or flu-like symptoms the best place for these and other Rash or other skin irritations critical conditions, including: Mild asthma Chest pain Animal bites Difficulty breathing Severe bleeding or head trauma Loss of consciousness Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision Heart attack Stroke