What Is An EFB Battery?

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You may be wondering whether you need an EFB battery for your car when it’s time to replace your existing one, or whether any battery of the right size will do. EFB batteries are designed to be an upgrade on the standard lead-acid battery. It contains a more durable material, called Polyvlies, on the positive plate’s surface, which means that EFB batteries tend to have a longer useful life than their lead-acid counterparts. EFB batteries also have a higher load capacity and, with lower internal resistance, can offer up to twice the number of charging cycles when compared to older-style batteries. So when does a vehicle need an EFB battery fitted? One clue is that the dead battery you’re replacing is already of the EFB type. These more powerful batteries tend to be fitted in cars with start-stop systems or a host of electronic equipment. But you can also upgrade your existing conventional starter battery with an EFB one if you tend to drive short journeys with lots of starting and stopping – in city conditions, for example. Your EFB battery will still need the usual maintenance to prolong its useful life, but offers better performance. Click Here: https://oriusbatteries.com/

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