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Scotts Body Language Frankenstein presentations and talks have been educating and entertaining audiences at U.S. and international companies as well as colleges and universities such as Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Business Management, Lipscomb University, and The University of Tennessee. Although entrepreneurs and college students were the early adopters, the most loyal fans of Body Language Frankenstein seem to be doctors, financial advisers, sales people, and attorneys.


  • Body Language Frankenstein The People Who Help Create Your copyright 2014
  • 87%87% of the InformationAbout BodyLanguage the average person has gathered AndUses IsINCORRECT copyright 2014
  • MostOf this BadInformation comes directly from copyright 2014
  • Presentation Coaches AND BodyLanguage Experts ThatUse a QuickInternet search and copyright 2014
  • as PrimarySources for KeepingThemselves up to date on TheSubject. copyright 2014
  • They arent lying to you copyright 2014
  • TheyJust HaventDone TheirHomework. copyright 2014
  • HowCan YouTell So, copyright 2014
  • Who Has done TheirResearch copyright 2014
  • and WhoHasnt? Alfred Einstein copyright 2014
  • Luckily, ThereAre some TellTale signs copyright 2014
  • MyFavorite? copyright 2014
  • When the Expert/Coach begins TellingYou about copyright 2014
  • The 7-38-55 Rule OfCommunication copyright 2014
  • They WillSay UntoYou CommunicationIs:: 7% use! 38% IsYour tone OfVoice.! And 55% OfCommunication is your BodyLanguage. copyright 2014
  • ItComes with AChart, so it LooksScientific copyright 2014
  • AfterHearing that a FewTimes, it just didnt SoundRight to me copyright 2014
  • I knew if ThoseStats WereCorrect Because, copyright 2014
  • I could GoAnywhere in TheWorld copyright 2014
  • And IWouldn't have ToLearn AnotherLanguage copyright 2014
  • BecauseEveryone would be able to UnderstandMe copyright 2014
  • By SimplyObserving my BodyLanguage copyright 2014
  • We KnowThat IsntSo copyright 2014
  • ThereWas a name that kept PoppingUp EveryTime I heard The Rule of Communication copyright 2014
  • AlbertMehrabian TheyWould say: He did TheStudy
  • So, I CalledHim Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA copyright 2014
  • Scott, theyre doing it wrong. Theyre combining the results of 2 different studies I did HeSaid: copyright 2014
  • Decoding of InconsistentCommunications Inference of Attitudes from NonverbalCommunication in TwoChannels study #1 study #2 copyright 2014
  • And theyre calling those results: The 7-38-55 Rule of Communication and theyre incorrectly stating that those are MY results. copyright 2014
  • where AndWho you GetYour Information on BodyLanguage from So, BeCareful about
  • If YouDont, You WillBegin BuildingYourOwn copyright 2014
  • Body Language Frankenstein Copyright2014