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Izabel Beau By: Aaron Pye, Hayley, Laxmi and Megan

Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

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Page 1: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Izabel BeauBy: Aaron Pye, Hayley, Laxmi and Megan

Page 2: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Mercury Records

Page 3: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Artists associated with Mercury Records

Page 4: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Our artist is 19 years old and has interests in lots of things such as fashion, dance, travelling and of course music, in particular pop music where artists like Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding have influenced her and helped her with her own music.

She believes she is a strong independent women as she was brought up in London with just her mum to look after her as her dad left when she was only little. She was bullied while at school and used her music to get away or as a type of escape.

She has learned to get on with life even through all the bad times, as if you keep working hard towards your goals you can make it. However she has also got a bubbly personality which comes along with this to.

Ideology Of Artist

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Demographics•Gender: Female


•Genre of music: Pop.

•Religion: Atheist

•Education:Student school/collage/universities•Occupation: Creative/media industry

•Marital status: single

•Income: Student loan

•Nationality: British

•Founded :2012 by Mercury Records

•Influences: Pixie Lott, Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding


•She loves the pop genre due to most her songs being very pop conventional. Youth is important to her and she has a very creative mind with high fashion sense. She has a bubbly personality and is a friendly easy-going person. Has a professional manner in which she brings out her confidence and maturity. She loves engaging and interacting with her fans through posting things via her social media sites.

•Likes: making music, singing, dancing, shopping and travelling.

•Dislikes: Boring immature people.

Page 6: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Our Target audience are the type of girls that are out going, love hanging out with their friends and like listening to music especially pop. Someone who likes pop music, bright colours and dancing.

The age range of the target audience is between 12-25. Mostly female.

Page 7: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Narrative For Music Video

We have come up the concept of our music video as being based around a ballet dancer. We will begin the music video as the main character the little girl and then show how she grows up and progresses in her dancing. The narrative is going to show how the girl uses ballet as a form of escapism from the continuous unhappy marriage of her parents. It also shows how the little girl feels alone and also constantly let down by her parents who always fail top attend her ballet rehearsals. We are going to focus the camera work mainly on her dancing shot in both a dance studio and also on a main stage with a audience, there will also be other locations we will film at such as streets where the girl will make her way to ballet classes and also a shot of her sitting down on the pavement on the side of the road, after her parents have failed to collect her after her dance lesson.

Page 8: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Goodwin’s Analysis

• We will in cooperate Andrew Goodwin’s elements in our music video by following his rules, codes and conventions.

• Our music video will demonstrate the pop genre through the type of music we will be using and the visuals we will construct. As the music we have selected, ‘Battlefield’ by Jordan Sparks, is upbeat it reflects the genre of pop. Our music video will consist of visuals of ballet dancing and our pop artist singing which will demonstrate pop characteristics.

• There will definitely be strong relationships between the lyrics and music with the visuals. This is as the song goes along with the narrative well of the girl’s parents arguing and love feeling "like a battlefield". Although it may be contrapuntal at parts of the music video due to the calm peaceful visuals of ballet dancing, we think that overall it will work really well and amplify the narrative as well as the pop genre feel due to the song being upbeat.

• The demands of the record label will be fulfilled as there will be lots of close-ups and mid-shots of the artists amplifying the pop genre; taking close-ups is one of the main pop music video conventions.

• There will be a reference to notion of looking by presenting the artist and maybe the ballet dancer in a voyeuristic way.

• Not too sure about intertextual reference.

Page 9: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Details of Performance Our music video is based around ballet dancing, for these scenes we have taken influence from films such as Black Swan and Pixie Lott's Music Video Broken Arrow. During looking at these we have noted the camera angles used, the positioning of the camera, the lighting and also the colouring of the background. In both they use quite a dull and bland colour ballet.

Therefore when it comes to shooting our music video, we will ensure that we using a similar lighting, so, the dark blue's, blacks and whites, solely focusing on the artist who is dancing, perhaps even shining a spot light on her making her stand out as an angelic, innocent figure, this would fit in with the narrative of our music video as she is presented as the innocent young girl, who has had an unhappy childhood, in which she is trying to escape from, therefore the white tones in the shot, could represent the light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is hope for her towards the end.

In addition to this the dark tones also represent that bad times in her life, so her background story of her being brought up in a unhappy childhood and her dad leaving, when she was younger. This white light at end, could also be a representation of when her dad finally shows up to one of her performances at the end of the music video.The dark tones could also connote the artists dark side, therefore they could be present when the artist reflects back on her childhood in the song, and this also creates a more serious tone to the music video, suggesting that our artist is being 'real' and all the lyrics that are being sung are truthful, in this aspect our music video would relate to Goodwin's analysis as the lyrics "Battlefield" would actually relate to the visuals of her constant battle during her childhood.

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We begun researching into locations into where we could film our music video, one of the places we are considering is the Curzon Cinema, Soho However a problem with this is that we would have to film at the location after it has shut. And also find a audience large enough to make the shot look as if there is a moderate sized audience. We are also considering the Bob Hope theatre.

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Page 12: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Artist• The concept for our female Pop artist, Isabel Beau is based around the genre conventions

of a Pop artist and is stereotypical to the genre

• She is similar to fellow female Pop artist such as : Pixie Lott,Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift.

• Isabel was born and raised in London, she is proud of this

• She is fashionable and keeps up with modern fashion trends but also likes to stand out

from the crowd sometimes jumping ahead which her fans will be inspired by and relate to

• Her songs are about two main subjects, her heartbreak from her long term boyfriend who

cheated on her and about her being bullied at school. Also these subjects in Pop songs are

typical and this is why we have decided to include this

Page 13: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Music Video

The concept for our music video is:

•To have the narrative of the young girl who is stuck

in the middle of an on going battle between her mum

and dad who constantly argue

•She dances to get express her emotions and its her

escape from her home life. It also is to try and make

her parents proud of her and bring them together

•Her dancing finally then is seen by her parents and

they are proud of her and feel guilty that's he has

been stuck between them with no one to turn to

The narrative of the music video is try and connect to

the target audience of Isabel, who are more likely to

go through family break ups and they can connect to

the lyrics and visuals of the song. It also her closer

with her fans showing that she has been through

similar experiences and she has fought against it to

make it to where she is now

Page 14: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

• Our Pop artist, Isabel Beau has a target audience of 12-25 year olds and

the whole concept of who she is, the music video, the digital and the poster

all relates to the genre conventions of the Pop industry

• This can be seen from the mise en scene for an exmaple:included in the

digipak photos we took which show she is young and fashionable which at

this age of her target audience are more focused on their fashion sense and

finding out who they are

• To make her target audience relate with her more she keeps the young,

fun and emotional feel also through other song included on the album,

‘Uncovered’ that are more up beat. For an example: they can dance around

them room to or listen to with their friends at a party

Page 15: Group Presentation for our Artist and Music Video

Isabel Beau fits into the music industry in general at a good standard, however she is the perfect female Pop artist from her look and personality to her lyrics and performance

Typical genre conventions in Pop are=

• Looking good

• Stylish

• A Performer

• Using social networking sites

• Writing emotional songs & dance influenced tracks

• Having an appeal to the male audience

As a group we believe that our artist abides by the genre conventions of Pop and this is also shown through the style of the music video that we are producing for the song, 'Battlefield’

• The music video shows a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals throughout the video which we believe is crucial to the emotions and story we are trying to telling to connect her target audience

• The style of video can be seen in other female Pop artists videos such as : Christina Aguilera’s , ‘Beautiful’ music video,Beyonce’s ‘If I were a Boy’ and Rihanna’s, ‘Unfaithful’

• These music videos tell a story which relates to the lyrics but also the artist sings in the video which what our music video is going to be based around. In addition Beyonce’s music video is also in black and white which supports our choice for doing this for our music video