7 Ways to Keep New Home Construction Costs Down

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These 7 simple tips will help you save money by keeping new home construction costs as low as possible. See more in our blog post on GlassHouseRE.com: http://www.glasshousere.com/real-estate-rebate-blog/7-ways-to-keep-new-home-construction-costs-down


  • GlassHouseRE.com Glass House Real Estate Ways to Keep New Construction Home Costs Down by Khalil El-Ghoul Principal Broker 7
  • GlassHouseRE.com When deciding what to choose for your new construction home, there are some key choices that will save you money up front and in the long run.
  • GlassHouseRE.com 1 1. Opt for a smaller lot Smaller lot = lower cost Long-run savings: Lower maintenance costs
  • GlassHouseRE.com 2 2. Have an efficient floor plan More square footage = higher price tag Long-run savings: Lower energy costs Try not to plan for extra space that won't be used.
  • GlassHouseRE.com 3 3. Choose carpet Save money by choosing carpet. Long-run savings: Carpet can be more easily replaced than hardwood if it gets too worn. Hardwood options are more expensive.
  • GlassHouseRE.com 4 4. Consider laminate Opt for laminate for kitchens and bathrooms. Long-run savings: Laminate is easily updated and replaced. It's less expensive than tile or hardwood.
  • GlassHouseRE.com 5 5. Choose oak or maple ...for your cabinets. Extra savings: Opt out of glazes and special finishes. Hickory and cherry are more expensive options.
  • GlassHouseRE.com 6 6. Opt for energy efficiency Choose ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Long-run savings: Yearly 20% savings on energy bills
  • GlassHouseRE.com 7 7. Communication is key Always ask your builder about costs and options so there are no surprises as your house is built.
  • GlassHouseRE.com Another way to save money: Work with an agency that gives buyers a cash rebate for purchasing a home, like Glass House Real Estate. Contact us on our website! Click here to read the full article, "7 Ways to Keep New Home Construction Costs Down"
  • GlassHouseRE.com Thanks for reading! I'd be happy to speak with you about buying a new construction home in the D.C. metro area (and saving some money at the same time). Or Contact me on our website! - Khalil 866-971-5608