Ways to keep your heart healthy

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Ways to keep your heart healthy

Ways to keep your heart healthy

The heart is one of essential body organs that directly influence our living. With the increased cases of heart diseases, I deem it important that we take the time to consider how to keep the heart healthy. The basic and most primary practices to ensure a healthy heart are a good diet and doing exercises. However, that is not enough to protect your heart from the ever emerging diseases. As such, this article gives factors for you to consider for a healthy heart.

Consume Nutritious Foods

The type of food you consume directly or indirectly affects your heart. Eating a balanced and varied diet can help prevent some of the major causes of heart irregularities such as massive weight gain, maintain cholesterol levels and check blood pressure.it is advisable to intake less salt to reduce the risk of blood pressure. Cutting the consumption of alcohol and drinking plenty of water is healthy for your heart. You should not consume the high kilo-joule drinks that have little to no nutritional value.

A lot of stress is put on the type of fat you consume. This directly affects the functionality of your heart. There are two types of fats. The healthy fats that are highly advisable and the trans fats. The trans fats are known to increase the probability of experiencing a stroke and causing heart disease. The trans fat clogs the major arteries and veins leaving the heart thereby hindering the pumping of blood. Cutting their consumption will improve blood flow through your body.

Have adequate sleep

Getting enough sleep of more than 7 hours per day is essential for maintaining a healthy heart. Inadequate and interrupted sleep increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases at various ages according to a study.

In the study, researchers found out that enough sleep is good for the flow of blood after a long day of activities. Get enough sleep to improve the health of your heart. In cases of prolonged insomnias, consult a therapist.

Observe Dental Hygiene

Dental health is a reflection of your overall health including the health of your heart. What is the connection between dental health and the health of your heart? The bacteria that causes gum diseases has been found to be a leading contributor to heart diseases. According to studies on the same issue, the bacteria is responsible for the increased level of the C-reactive protein

This protein increases inflammation in the blood vessels increasing the risk of blood pressure and stroke. Ensure you brush and floss daily.

Avoid Exposure to Smoke

In a study conducted by the American Heart Association, exposure to smoke increases the risk of heart attacks and other heart-related diseases. For smokers, the smoke is said to narrow the diameter of blood vessels causing increased in the pressure of blood and hence high blood pressure. The risk is even higher for non-smokers with higher levels of cholesterol in their blood. To be safe from this cause of heart diseases, avoid smokes both at work and at home as much as possible

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