Are You Ready to Sell Your Del Prado Pleasanton CA Home?

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  • Are You Ready to Sell Your Del Prado Pleasanton CA Home?

  • When the real estate market experiences an increase in sale prices, it can become quite tempting to put your Del Prado Pleasanton home for sale on the market. However, as most experienced REALTORS advise their clients, the entire process of selling a home is a challenging task that cannot be taken lightly. There are a lot of factors to consider before finally making that decision to sell your home.

  • How do you know if youre ready to sell? Check out this list below -

  • Know how much equity you have.Financially speaking, equity is the difference between the value of your assets and the cost of your liabilities. In the context of the real estate industry, equity is the difference between the amount you still owe on the mortgage and the current fair market value of your home. When you have negative equity, meaning you owe more on your mortgage than what you can get for your home, its best to not sell right away unless you must.

  • However, for the last several years, homeowners have been experiencing an increase in the values of their homes. If you have enough equity that can cover at least the value of your down payment for your new home, then you know you are ready to sell.

  • Interest rates are going up.When you have a home for sale in Del Prado Pleasanton, this would mean that you might be a putting down payment on a new home. With the current market showing an increase in interest rates in the foreseeable future, the time to purchase a new home is now. The current mortgage rates are the lowest they can be today and they will only get higher as the years progress, so if youre thinking of moving to a new home, its time to get started.

  • Are you ready to move?Much like buying a home, selling can also become an emotional process. Before you can even think of listing your home, honestly answer these questions first -

    Are you prepared to take the time to get your home ready for home buyers?

    Are you prepared to keep your home in show condition during the listing period?

  • Are you prepared to hear what buyers think of your home - what makes it not right for them, how it isnt

    perfect, etc.?

    Can you handle hardball negotiations on the sale price?

    Are you prepared to take your memories of living in that home with you to start new memories in a

    different home?

  • Putting your home in Del Prado Pleasanton on the real estate market can become emotionally taxing and will require you to put in a lot of time and resources to ensure that you get the top dollar sale for your home. If you believe that you are financially, physically, and emotionally ready to sell, then its time to partner with a trusted real estate agent who has a lot of experience in the local market. Doing so can help ease your stress and allow you to perfectly time when to list your home and the best asking price. If you need help buying or selling a home in Pleasanton CA, visit today.

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