Home Selling Tips: Cost of Selling a House

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http://www.reallynicehomes.com/selling/ The cost of selling a home varies under many aspects. If you are wondering what will it cost to sell your home, please give me a call if you live in Maryland or Virginia and I will be happy to prepare a seller's costs analysis with your specific information. "If I could show you a guaranteed way to sell your home at the top of the market with the least amount of hassles, while paying listing commission as low as 1.5% ...would you be interested?" Hi, I'm Fernando Herboso broker owner for Maxus Realty Group. One of the biggest dilemmas home sellers face today is deciding whether to hire a DISCOUNT BROKER for a few hundred dollars that will "put" their house in the MLS with no motivation to sell it because their payment is upfront. .or hire a full listing service company to protect your price. With a DISCOUNT BROKER, Your home could end up sitting on the market for a long time without an acceptable offer accumulating "Days On Market" (D.O.M). This could compromise your bottom line when you are negotiating and defending your price later on...Why would anyone offer you full price? after you've failed to sell your home on your own on a reasonable time. If you would like more information to see if you qualify for one of our guaranteed sale programs... at one of the most competitive rates for full service representation in the area, please fill out the form below or call us for immediate assistance at 301-246-0001


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