Preparing your own inexpensive dinner ideas

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  1. 1. Preparing your own inexpensive dinner ideasWhether you are looking for eating out in restaurant or planning to prepare your own meal athome there are different inexpensive dinner ideas you can opt for. These dinner ideas arecheap and you can have them at a cost of few dollars. If you plan it properly, you can easily findit in the vegetables and fruits. These dinner ideas can make delicious, tasty and inexpensivedinner ideas for you and your family.Some of these dinners can be store and freeze. This can be eaten as breakfast or you can carryit for lunch so there is no worry about wasting it if you cooked it in excess.Vegetable based dishes are budget friendly and makes inexpensive dinner ideas for anyoccasion. Italian vegetarian risotto with sun dried tomatoes makes an excellent vegan maindish. This dish is colorful and can be flavored with fresh parsley and basil. To make vegansundried tomato risotto you have to saut the garlic and onion (minced) in 3 tablespoon oliveoil till it softens. Put Italian risotto rice and cook while stirring constantly. Cook till the rice turnsbrown. Then add one cup of vegetable broth or water and stir well. Add salt, pepper, basil,tomatoes and parsley with another cup of water. Continue adding water or broth as the watergets absorbed while stirring constantly. You can sprinkle parmesan cheese on top beforeserving. This Italian risotto is perfect for a family dinner and any get-together.Another risotto recipe that makes a perfect inexpensive dinner ideas is asparagus mint andlemon risotto. This dish is simple and delicious too. Simmer hot chicken or vegetable stock (700ml) in a saucepan. On the other pan heat olive oil with butter and add celery and onion. Cookuntil they soften. Then add risotto rice and cook with constant stirring. Instantly pour in thewine or vermouth and continue stirring until the wine has evaporated leaving a lovely smell onthe rice. Now add the stock to the rice a scoop at a time, stirring before adding the nest scoop.Continue cooking the rice while adding the stock until the rice has absorbed all the stock andbecome soft.
  2. 2. Finally add the rice risotto and finely cut asparagus stalks as well as the tips to the remainingstock in a large pan. Simmer and bring to the boil until complete stock is absorbed and theasparagus and rice are cooked completely. Once it is cooked, season it with mint, parmesancheese and lemon juice. Add pepper and salt if required. Keep for some minutes with a coveredlid and serve with olive oil and parmesan cheese. You can also sprinkle sliced scallops or peeledprawns or fresh lobster meat if you want to fancy and enjoy the mouth-watering asparagusmint and lemon risotto fiesta.Salads are perfect dishes that are filling as well as nutritious. Vegetable salads such as Greeksalads, celeriac and carrot remoulade, warm cauliflower salad and potato salads are simplyawesome and delicious. Greek salads are flavorsome and are inexpensive. Combine irregularlycut tomatoes, roughly chopped cucumber, thinly sliced onion, olives, oregano, chunks of fetacheese with extra Greek virgin olive oil. This colorful, fresh and tasty salad can be eaten as amain dish or can be serve with grilled chickens or beefs.