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  1. 1. Talent SolutionsLinkedIn Recruiter: New Product EnhancementsSeptember 2014
  2. 2. LinkedIn Talent Solutions Product Webcast
  3. 3. Webcast Format Introductions Whats in Store? Spotlight You: enhancements for you So you just got the new enhancements to Projects Let the machine do the work for youLeverage our recommendations Profile 2.1: Delivering more insights at the profile level Q&A
  4. 4. 4Recruiter Customer: ProfileEnhancements For You Premium Profile (with Premium Badge) Custom Keyword recommendations Full Whos Viewed My Profile Larger customizable images and more.Changes to your profile pages in Aug.
  5. 5. Spotlight Product FeaturesProfile backdrop photo for a moreappealing Profile Full-width top card 30% larger profile photo Expanded image gallery
  6. 6. Spotlight Product Features Custom KeywordRecommendationsTailored recommendation onkeywords added to ProfileSummary to increase yourchances to appear in relevantsearch results
  7. 7. Spotlight Product FeaturesExpanded SearchListing2x bigger search listing thatfeatures more of ones Profilesummary
  8. 8. Spotlight Product FeaturesDetailed WhosViewed My ProfileAnalyticsCheck out who has beenchecking you outFull list of WVMP withinlast 90 days
  9. 9. 9What Action is needed from you? Nothingexcept to pick a picture for your backdrop How much does this cost? Nothing! Check out the recent blog post:
  10. 10. Leverage our Recommendation Engines10
  11. 11. Points of Recommendation1. People You May want to Hire2. Similar Profiles3. People Also Viewed4. Job Matches5. Suggested Professionals6. Jobs You May Be Interested In
  12. 12. People You May Want to Hire Candidatesbased on yourmost recentactivity areautomaticallysourced The more youengage withRecruiter, thebetter therecommenda-tions
  13. 13. Similar Profiles Quickly find cloneswithout having toperform anothersearch Enhanced businesslogic searches our313M+ members
  14. 14. People Also Viewed Gain insightsinto potentialorg structure,peers andpreviouscoworkers Crowd sourcedcandidatesbased on yourteams viewsand searches
  15. 15. Profile Matches: Job Match Recommendations Quickly findpotentialcandidates foryour job listing Improvedsearchalgorithm findscandidates thatmatch the jobtitle andgeography
  16. 16. Suggested Professionals in Projects(Coming Soon) Find candidateswho have similarwork experiencesand educationalbackgrounds topeople in a project Profilesuggestionsbased oncommonalitiesacross profiles inthe project
  17. 17. JYMBII: Jobs You May Be Interested In(For Members) Jobs thatmatch memberworkexperience areautomaticallydisplayed ontargeted pages
  18. 18. 18Recap: Leverage our recommendations1. People You May want to Hire2. Similar Profiles3. People Also Viewed4. Job Matches5. Suggested Professionals6. Jobs You May Be Interested InYou can also set reminders and receivenotifications when new professionals matchyour needs
  19. 19. Re-designed Projects:Organize, manage and track profiles more easily19
  20. 20. Projects: Powering your sourcing workflow1. Centralize all relevant candidates into the project2. Organize candidates automatically by detecting activity3. Stay updated through smart notifications and email digests
  21. 21. LinkedIn Confidential 2014 All Rights Reserved
  22. 22. 31Projects enhancements: Roll out planExpect new experience to be available now Start leveraging the new experience today!
  23. 23. Profile 2.1:Providing more insights at the profile level32
  24. 24. 33Profile 2.1 Highlights: Recruiting Activity Snapshot
  25. 25. 34Profile 2.1 Highlights: Connection Path(Coming Soon)
  26. 26. Profile Highlights
  27. 27. 2 things you can start doing NOW Start utilizing the new features today! Send feedback Download The Recruiting Firms LinkedInField Guide a customer and want to learn more?Visit
  28. 28. Continue to provide your Product feedback:lcsfeedback@linkedin.comLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 37