Moms Talk Turkey 2: Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Items

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  1. 1. Moms Talk Turkey 2:TOP 10T h a n k s g i v i n gSIDE ITEMSWe used mobile technology to survey250 mothers with children living at home and asked them:Whats your favorite side item on Thanksgiving? Choose one.This is what they said.1 Given that 51 Million turkeys are sold during Thanksgiving,DRESSING wins as moms favorite side item by 25%.2 MASHED POTATOES were not part of the originalThanksgiving meal, but now, theyre favored by 23% of moms.3456789 1% of moms chose simple GREEN BEANS as their favorite10GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE comes in third with 13%of moms in favor. With Campbells Cream of Mushroom soupas a key ingredient, 40% of this canned soup sold in the U.S.goes into making the casserole.10% of moms chose STUFFING as a favorite side item.Some families actually choose to make it by scratch, otherschoose the Stove Top version. In fact, Stove Top sells about60 Million boxes per year!410% of moms chose SWEET POTATO CASSEROLEas their favorite. The U.S. produces about 2.7 billion poundsof sweet potatoes each year.9% of moms favored good old SWEET POTATOES.Actually, North Carolina produces more than sweet potatoesthan any other state at 1.3 billion pounds.5As a necessity for a lot of American meals, 3% of momschose BREAD as their favorite side item on Thanksgiving.CRANBERRY SAUCE is favored by 2% of moms. Eachyear, Wisconsin leads all states in the production of cranberrieswith about 450 million pounds produced. 5choice. Wisconsin also leads all states in snap (green) beanproduction with 309,000 tons.SALAD came in last with only 0.5% of moms who actuallyfavored the fresh choice.REFERENCESU.S. Census Bureau, MSN, July 13th, 2014The Celebration of Thanksgiving: Fun Facts and Statistics, The MomiverseThe Origins of the Mysterious Green Bean Casserole, The History Channel5XWK06LHPV,QYHQWRURI6WXIQJ'LHVDW1HZRUN7LPHV86HQVXV%XUHDX)DFWVIRU)HDWXUHV7KDQNVJLYLQJ'D1RY 5Interested in learning more?VISIT OUR BLOG CONTACT US#)LHOG$JHQW,QF_PDUNHWLQJ#HOGDJHQWQHW_32%R[)DHWWHYLOOH$UNDQVDV1234123555