The Value of Developing Relationships in Selling

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Presentation given in 2012 to the NextGen Healthcare national sales force. On the value of developing relationships and genuinely providing value for clients.


  • 1. The Value of Developing Relationships in Selling NextGen National Sales Meeting 2012 By James Muir, VP Southwest Region
  • 2. NextGen The best job on the planet? Perfect Alignment Our software helps people Help those who help others You can affect many lives for good by helping care- givers be the best they can be You can make a lot of money I want that for all of you But you will have to work for it Thats what this session is about To help you know what to work on.
  • 3. The most important thing this week! The most important part of this program and this week is what you do afterwards.
  • 4. More Ideas Than You Can Handle Write them down Take action immediately Review your idea list methodically Take action again Its all about execution One idea executed is better than 100 ideas that never get implemented
  • 5. Drink From the Fire Hose
  • 6. The Selling Sweet Spot Satisfaction of knowing you added real value to your client Pleasure of genuine relationships with your clients Earning a handsome income
  • 7. How to Hit the Sweet Spot You need to do more than hoc software Be viewed as a Partner & Consultant and have a real relationship with the client
  • 8. Why develop relationships as part of my sales efforts? Clients will share more information with you Clients will ask for advice & accept your recommendations Clients will refer you to others & be a reference for you Clients will forgive your mistakes Clients will protect & warn you You will make more and bigger sales Trusted Advisors are 70% more likely to come away with the sale. Susan Mulcahy Evaluating the costs of sales calls in business to business markets: a study of more than 23,000 business (Washibgtin: Cahners Research, January 2002), p.8 Ego stroke
  • 9. Dave Kane Email Go to Outlook
  • 10. How to Develop Valuable Relationships But before that how about a quick survey? Self Survey!
  • 11. What do you want from your client? A sale? You want them to be insanely successful. What do you get when they become insanely successful? Reference Case study Education If you are selling your client and abandoning them you are making a big mistake. Referencable clients are probably the best selling shortcut there is Economics of Selling Sidebar? Enduring good business is more important than the value of the current transaction. Example: Banner Health Systems, El Rio, IASIS Not just a sale!
  • 12. How to Develop Valuable Relationships Actually Care Two word formula:
  • 13. If you are focused on their success they will focus on your success Once they understand that you are genuinely looking out for them and that you are a resource everything changes.
  • 14. What Specifically Can We Do to Develop Better Relationships? Thanks for the platitudes James but specific things can I do to develop better relationships with prospects & clients?
  • 15. What Clients Want in a Sales Person What are the 4 most important factors when customers select vendor solutions? Write down the top 7 things your clients want from you. Quiz!
  • 16. Discussion What did you come up with? What are the 4 most important factors when customers select vendor solutions? Write down the top 7 things your clients want from you.
  • 17. HR Chally Exhaustive Study Based on HR Challys 14 year study Over 80,000 interviews with B2B customers Data collected from over 7,200 sales forces
  • 18. What Factors are Most Important When Customers Select Vendors? The Sales Person (you) are the most influential factor. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Salesperson Competence Total Solution Quality of Offering Price 39% 22% 21% 18%
  • 19. The top 7 Things Clients Want From Their Sales Rep (You) Are you ready?
  • 20. The Top 7 Things Clients Want From Their Sales Rep Your clients want you to: 1.Personally Manage their Satisfaction 2.Understand their Business 3.Act as a Customer Advocate 4.Expertly Recommend Products & Applications 5.Be Easily Accessible 6.Solve Technical, Implementation & Political Problems 7.Find Innovative Solutions for their Needs Source: HR Chally annual study 2007
  • 21. Your Roles Customer Desires Your Professional Role Personally Manage their Satisfaction Business Result Agent Understanding their Business CEO Act as a Customer Advocate Advocate & Expediter Expertly Recommend Products & Applications Trusted Advisor & Consultant Be Easily Accessible Available Resource Solve Technical, Training & Political Problems Troubleshooter Find Innovative Solutions for their Needs Innovator
  • 22. QUIZ What are our customers buying from us? *
  • 23. #1 - Personally Manage their Satisfaction Customers invest in results not products Orient yourself toward outcomes What outcomes does this customer want? This means managing post-sales activities Implementation & results Are you a: Closer? Hit & Run (most) Verifier? Make sure it gets installed & services when necessary (fewer) Outcome Manager? Takes responsibility for the ultimate benefit that customer hope to receive (world-class smallest percentage)
  • 24. Strategic Accounts It takes 1/10 the time to do business with an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one. McKinsey & Co. 2005 study, Customer Acquisition Makes a Comeback, Don Peppers The 3 Greatest Skills for Accountability Make yourself a major point of contact Manage a team of experts Being a ROI Expert Sample statements to convey accountability: I am personally accountable to make sure we get these results. I will help you do that. Because Im your rep we are married. I will be with you throughout your whole project. #1 - Personally Manage their Satisfaction
  • 25. QUIZ What is the 1# Complaint about sales reps by B2B customers according to the extensive study by The HR Chally Group? Answer: The sales rep didnt understand my business.
  • 26. Ask Yourself: What are key performance indicators for this client? A client has asked you to run their practice for the next 8 weeks. Are you in trouble? Are they in trouble?
  • 27.