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A photo timeline of our remodel project

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  • 1. Welcome to the photo timeline of our addition. We begandesigning it in 2008, and it has taken 4 years to design, trash, redesign and oh yeah, fund. Hope you enjoy!

2. This is the front of our house. Weve spend years getting the gardens updated. Nothing willreally change with this view, which is good. All the fun will happen out back lets take a look. 3. Heres the back of our house. Little mudroom off to the right (remember that view), a small brickpatio with room for the grill and some plantings and enough yard (you cant see) to toss thefootball around. Yes, all of this soon to change and for the better we think. 4. Sept OctNovDec JanAnd so our Journey begins. As you can see, were taking down that mudroom (yes, we threw aKnock It Down party, those are sledgehammer holes) and were building a kitchen / TV roomaddition, about 18x26 right across the back. Were also converting a small bedroom into thatmuch-needed second full bath. 5. Sept Oct Nov Dec JanOne of the first things that happened was our mudroom was gutted. This had a tiny powderroom in it which became the focus of some creative haiku prior to us smashing the heck out ofit. The above destruction was NOT from the party, but from the contractors. Just to be clear 6. Sept Oct Nov Dec JanMy hope was to take a picture from this exact spot as often as possible, to see the buildhappen. (I hate when HGTV does before & after shots from different spots). So, mudroomcame down (rubble in foreground) and crawlspace starting to get dug. 7. Sept OctNov Dec JanClose-up of the crawl space and future foundation. Black tarp at top-center is covering up ourentry to our existing kitchen (future butler pantry). I like that my Bilco door looks to belevitating. That will soon go. 8. SeptOctNov DecJanDifferent view of the foundation. Here you can see the waterproofing that went around theoutside. Also notice the nice mound of dirt in the back. They took out 4 truck loads of dirt, andleft that for backfilling and grading see next picture. 9. Sept Oct Nov Dec JanFoundation walls and rat slab poured. First mid-construction change needed 2 additionalcourses of block because the yard about 18 higher in the back. So they needed additionalfoundation height for when they graded properly. Nice jury-rigged gutters, eh? 10. Sept Oct NovDec JanNow into October - foundation built, waterproofed and backfilled, whats next? Start to buildstuff. Cant build stuff without lumber. Notice those yellow-ish boards bottom-right? Those areLVLs, massive joists and rafters. Weve been told we could land a helicopter on our addition. 11. Sept OctNovDecJanA view from directly in the back; flooring is down and walls are starting to go up, very exciting. Itfelt like we went from one big hole to a room in 3 days. That rubble is what was left of our Bilcodoors to the basement. 12. Sept Oct Nov Dec JanBack to the vantage point (now that the Port-O-John is moved). Walls are up and roofing raftersare in. Second mid-construction change: an overhang. Going with a flat roof was not our idealdesign, and when we saw the overhanging rafters before they were cut to their planned 4overhang, we decided to go with 18 to make it look less like a box. 13. Sept OctNovDecJanNew view, from the opposite corner. Roofing is installed and the house wrap is on. Nearlywater tight (did someone mention hurricane?). It is really starting to look closer to that finishedproduct. Were opting for gray siding opposed to trying to match the house white. 14. SeptOct Nov DecJanWindows and door installed. Yard graded again and seed and hay down. Pretty mushy fromthe weather, so walking on planks. Were planning on some nice down-lighting in the overhangand flanking kitchen window on right with some barn lighting. Well see how it really ends up. 15. Now we are starting to feel the construction. Wasnt so badwhen everything was happening outside. But now, weve lost the kitchen and relocated everything to our dining room.For inside, the kitchen gets repurposed and a small bedroom goes to a hallway and bathroom. 16. Sept Oct Nov Dec JanNovember started to focus inside. This WAS our kitchen. Small and galley-style. Now, nuthinbut studs and lath. Opening up the doorway to dining room, adding a closet (right) and it willeventually be our butler pantry. Just waiting for that butler now.