Secret of happiness

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  • Happy Existence?

    Want to Know the secret of

  • See all the slides for the exactHappiness


  • To begin with, lets understand the various

    Happiness factors.

  • Happiness factors








  • Wealth you say?

    ONS (Office for National Statistics) states that higher incomeincreases life satisfaction but has little effect onanxiety, stress, and hence, happiness.

  • Education you say?

    A new study published in British Journal of Psychiatry statesthat high level of education has no effect on personal happiness.

  • Authority/Power you say?

    Various studies have proven, time and again, that Powerattracts more negative energies than the positive ones.

  • Religion you say?

    ONS states that religious people are happier than their non-religious counterparts. However, one can not defy the fact thatreligion has caused many of the major historical conflicts.

  • Family you say?

    Though families contribute largely to a persons happiness, tworecognizable surveys (ISSP and ESS) reported one of the mostdebatable paradoxes in 2009 that, married people with childrentend to live less happy life than their non-parent counterparts.

  • Friendship you say?

    While friendship is proved to bring more happiness thanwealth, no one can deny the ill-effects that appear in the guiseof envy and unreasonable competitiveness, that are gettingamplified in the present age of social media.

  • Health you say?

    Happiness and health are strongly co-related. If you arehappy, chances are, you have a healthy physique.However, being healthy doesnt always leads towardshappiness.

  • Seems like each factor has its importance in a persons happiness.

    And since were not Utopians, we cant have em all.

  • Utopians or not,

    We all wish to lead a happy life.


  • Wealth = Satisfaction + Anxiety

    Wealth + Compassion = Generosity + Happiness

  • Education = Better life standards

    Education + Compassion = Humility + Happiness

  • Authority = Positivity * Negativity

    Authority + Compassion = Respect + Happiness

  • Religion = Faith + Felicity + Strictness + Zeal

    Religion + Compassion = Love + Happiness

  • Family = Care + Expectations + Stress + Joy

    Family + Compassion = Cherishing + Respect + Happiness

  • Friendship = Merriment + Gossip + Envy

    Friendship + Compassion = Empathy + Cooperation + Happiness

  • Health = Well-being + (0.01*Bullying)

    Health + Compassion = Sense of humanity + Responsibility + Happiness

  • So Let us all try and be compassionate..

  • Let us turn our planet into the Utopia of


    So Let us all try and be compassionate..

  • Its in our hands..

    Its in your hands..

    If you want others to be happy, practice .

    If you want to be happy, practice

  • Compassion = Happiness

  • Key to Happy Existence?

  • Key to Happy Existence.

    Made by: Shalini Singh Taknet