Tips to plan a successful ski or snowboard trip!

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Our expert gives 7 tips to plan a successful and memorable group ski or snowboard trip


<ul><li> 1. Plan a Successful Ski or Snowboard Trip! </li> <li> 2. Experience Generate the experience you are looking for with these few key factors to consider to help you get there </li> <li> 3. Number of Participants The number attending the ski trip may directly relate to the amount of work you'll need to do so you may want to consider using a small decisive committee to help plan. Remember, everyone attending will need coordination and direction. </li> <li> 4. Age of Participants The age of the group will be relevant as you will need to plan for downtime options. Some examples: T.V. available for movies, sports games, video games, etc. Available music channels Board Games or puzzles Access to an indoor pool or spa </li> <li> 5. Venue Try to be close enough so you dont have to load all the equipment in vehicles and then drive. Having kitchen facilities, lounging area and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to create a positive experience for everyone. Ask for details on the rental such as: included kitchen appliances size and number of beds bedding available toiletries parking </li> <li> 6. Cost Generally, the more you get with the venue in terms of assets and the closer to the hills, the more you pay. The larger and nicer the venue, again, the more you pay. Remember- knowing your guests limits and staying within their means is respectful. </li> <li> 7. Cost Be knowledgeable of ski resort fees or additional charges prior to the trip Share any possible day pass/lift ticket 'deals Tip: Sometimes being able to rent during the week rather than weekends might also be more cost effective. </li> <li> 8. Level of Expertise Know your guests' level of expertise so you can plan the finer details! It will be relevant when planning: where you choose to book where most of the group time will be spent will ease the planning for evening activities. </li> <li> 9. Food Knowing what's available, proximity and costs is important. Kid friendly food available 24/7 is a must! Tip: Have a separate kids meal time. It decreases the caliber of the task. Tip: Kitchen facilities in your chalet allow for potluck options. </li> <li> 10. Communication Communication is key when getting this event off the ground and running. Eventastic will make it easy for you to: Communicate the caliber of the trip including costs Get RSVP commitment from everyone Simplify being reimbursed for the trip Sort out scheduling, meals, travel and entertainment options with easy conversations Tip: Share your photos uploaded to the event throughout the day as an activity for everyone! </li> <li> 11. Happy planning! Taking these things into consideration when planning your group ski trip will help to ensure everyone has a positive experience, youll enjoy the planning experience and you'll get rave reviews. </li> </ul>


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