Top 10 Tips for a Successful Campaign

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<ul><li> 1. Top 10 Tips<br />For a Successful Campaign<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Create a Video<br />Use a Webcam, Smartphone, Tablet or Camcorder to film your video. <br /> 3. 2. Make it Personal<br />Explain the importance of the Campaign.This is your time to shine. <br /> 4. 3. Set a Realistic Goal<br />Keep Funders motivated by explaining how much $$$ you need and why <br /> 5. 4. Create Urgency<br />Set a deadline and sprint to the finish!Campaigns cannot exceed 90 days<br /> 6. 5. Peace of Mind<br />Payments are 100% safe &amp; secure.No credit card info is shared with Campaigners or UFunded<br /> 7. 6. Use Social Media <br />UFunded connects to YouTube, Facebook&amp; Twitter Helping Campaigns go viral<br /> 8. 7. Send Updates <br />Remember Funders cared enough to give so keep them in the loop!<br /> 9. 8. Funder Incentives <br />Creating awesome incentives gives supporters the perfect motivation to get UFunded!<br /> 10. 9. Spread the Love <br />Follow through on Funder Incentives.Well help by organizing your Funder lists<br /> 11. 10. Enjoy the Moment! <br />Dive in, show your passion and dedication!Our community of Funders will support and embrace you. <br />UFunded can help U Make it Happen! <br /> 12. 1. Create a Video2.Make it Personal3. Set a Realistic Goal4. Create Urgency5.Peace of Mind6.Use Social Media7.Send Updates8. Funder Incentives9. Spread the Love10. Enjoy the Moment!<br /></p>