The Best Way To Price Your Services

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There is no across-the-board answer to determine which billing method is the best, but after years of experience, we at Galaxy Weblinks decided that charging per project rather than per hour is the best and fairest way to please our clients. Here is why we think so -


  • 1. Hourly Fees V/SFIXED FEES

2. Confused Which One Is Better? 3. Let's Have A CLOSER LOOK 4. WHAT Happens When You Opt For Hourly Fees? 5. Customers expect the clock to start the minute you start working and stop the minute you get done. 6. When customers have NO IDEA how much their bill will be, they usually says NO to options, NO to upgrades, and NO to preventative maintenance or membership agreements. 7. They dont care if they spend another 15 minutes looking for their checkbook or 10 minutes telling you about their neighbors dog. 8. The faster you do, the less time you bill out and the less money you make. 9. CONCLUSION You can never fully understand what the client wants because the client doesnt fully understand what they want. 10. S T I L L CONFUSED!! Let Me Explain With A STORY 11. An office building with a broken heating system. Several technicians tried but couldnt find the problem 12. Finally a retired maintenance man looked at the machine, then took out a hammer and hit it once. The heater started up and ran perfectly. 13. He presented a bill for $100. It said: Hitting something with a hammer: Free Knowing where to hit: $100 14. Statistics Revealed That 8 out of 10 Largest & Successful Organizations Most Likely to use Fixed Pricing 15. WHY? 16. BECAUSE IT W O R K S 17. What You Get When You Go For FIXED RATES? 18. Measure Results Not Time 19. Clients buy the value of what you can do for them, not the amount of time it takes. 20. Make More MONEY 21. Revenue will not be limited to the number of hours you work. 22. No more Risks for you and your Customers 23. By giving your customer a guaranteed project price, up front, you instantly take away their fear. 24. Don't Fool Your Customers 25. Set a flat rate for a pre- defined set of services. Make your pricing crystal clear to your customers. 26. Stop Selling Hours Start Selling Work. 27. Thinking DIFFERENTLY About Your Business & Your Pricing? 28. GET IN TOUCH WWW.GALAXYWEBLINKS.COM Galaxy Weblinks Inc. 1 Broadway 14th Floor Cambridge MA 02142 USA Go Social