Vizzini Rectangle Shower Screens – Perfect For A Smart Bathroom Makeover

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  • (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946Vizzini Rectangle Shower Screens Perfect For A Smart Bathroom Makeover

  • (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946 Vizzini is a reputable Australia based bathroom-ware wholesaler. Their striking selection of shower screens are a perfect combination of great design, style, and practicality.Although they have shower screens in an array of shapes, the one that has always been a hit is their rectangular shower screens.

    They know that rectangle being one of the most common shapes is usually the first preference of homeowners when looking for a shower screen.

    To make sure this decision of homeowners does not turn out to be a regret, they have created each of their rectangle shower screens with great attention keeping in mind both quality as well as visual appearance. Vizzini Rectangle Shower Screens

  • (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946 The best part is that these shower screens complement all kinds of decors ranging from classic, traditional to modern, contemporary.

    The most important benefit of their shower screens is that they are simple to install and easy to clean.

    Some of the other features of their shower screens are their durability and sturdiness.

    Their study design enables them to easily withstand the rigors of regular use without losing their luster. In addition to rectangle, Vizzini has shower screens in various other shapes, like square, diamond, etc.

    Regardless of their shape, all these shower screens come with a warranty of ten years.

    This warranty starts from the original date of purchase for any damage occurred during normal domestic use or due to faulty workmanship and/or materials.

    Shower Screens

  • (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946 Vizzini is also recognized in Australia as a trusted kitchen-ware wholesaler.

    Some of the kitchen products they have in their extensive selection are single bowl kitchen sinks, double bowl kitchen sinks, drop in/under counter sinks, stainless steel sink trays, sink colanders, cutting boards, and many more.

    For more information about the company or their broad selection of products, feel free to browse through their website i.e. Kitchen Products

  • (Australia) (Italy) 1300-849-946 In the effort to promoting sustainable living, they even support individuals and businesses willing to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.

    They also have a monthly newsletter that includes updates, tips, and benefits of sustainable products & practices.

    For more information about them or their broad selection of products, please feel free to browse through their official website Premium Quality Kitchen Products

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