How to Switch Your Traditional Phone Line to a Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone System

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    Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone System

  • How to Switch Your Traditional Phone Line to a Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone System

    If your current landline business

    phone system is nearing the end

    of its lifecycle, or if it no longer

    meets your needs, you should

    start considering a switch to VoIP

    technology. In this guide, we

    suggest the many benefits and

    additional features such a switch

    would give to your small business

    communication. Then, we detail

    the 4 steps it takes to quickly and

    cost-effectively switch your landline

    to a VoIP system.


    Your companys traditional telephone landlines use copper wires to transfer communication data from

    your phone to the public telephone switch network. This requires the use of cumbersome equipment

    and evasive phone jacks throughout the office. Each user must have their own line and additional

    features cost more than an arm and leg. There isnt much room for scalability and to make an

    upgrade requires technical support. Examples of landline providers include AT&T, Verizon, and your

    local telephone company (Bright House Networks).

    On the other hand, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the much more flexible and cost-effective

    alternative to traditional landlines. The phone converts the sound of your voice into data packets and

    send them to the target destination using your Internet connection. This means your communication is

    free of wires and large equipment. You can make calls using a mobile phone from wherever you have

    WiFi. Most VoIP providers offer monthly contracts, so you can grow your business according to your

    timeline. Plus, you can save mad cash by sharing phone lines and doing most maintenance yourself.

  • VoIP Business SolutionTraditional

    Landline Service

    $29.95/month per user Cost of Ownership

    Equipment costs + maintenance contract + monthly payments

    Monitored 24/7 by VOXtell specialistsSecurity/Safety

    Customer assumes risk


    Limited and costly

    Automatic virtual updatesFeatures/Updates

    Added at each customer location

    Web-based and mobile app user portalsSystem


    On location by appointment

    Multiple calls per extensionCall Capacity

    Limited to a number of shared lines

    Dependent on in-house network and VOXtell platform


    Dependent on expensive physical hardware

    Quick and simpleImplementation

    Complex and time intensive


    Now, more than ever, business owners have extensive options for their communication needs.

    Unfortunately, it seems that some small business owners are stuck in a rut with their traditional

    copper-wire phone systems. They deal with large, complicated equipment that costs a fortune to set

    up and maintain. And when their growing business is ready for upgrades, these owners have to shell

    out even more cash for simple changes. If you fall into this category, its time to consider updating

    your office phone systems to the most advanced, and affordable, technology available cloud-

    hosted VoIP services. Here are the top 6 benefits to your small business for doing so:

    1. Ease of Use

    Compared to traditional phone systems, a hosted VoIP phone system is extremely user-friendly.

  • Unlike traditional landline phone systems that require complex PBX hardware to be installed, all you

    need to start using hosted VoIP is high-speed Internet access and IP phones, which most services

    provide. This quick onboarding process eliminates phone downtime and allows complete control

    over your phone installation timeline. Some hosted VoIP providers also prepare training material and

    informational guides for DIY setup and maintenance, so you and your employees can become VoIP

    experts. If youre not into the DIY movement, you can also request an installation specialist to walk

    you through the process or even schedule a technician to come on-site.

    2. Reliability & Security

    Most cloud-based VoIP service providers have built-in redundancies through multiple data centers

    and different call carriers. Because traditional landlines are hosted on-site at your business, its up

    to you to protect and maintain the service. This means downed telephone lines, fire, flood, theft or

    technical glitches can all compromise the reliability of your traditional phone system. Instead, put

    this burden on your hosted VoIP provider who has advanced equipment in place for emergencies.

    Additionally, top hosted VoIP providers go to great lengths to ensure that their offerings are well

    protected. Using proper encryption and protocols, hosted VoIP can actually be more secure than

    traditional wire-based systems.

    3. Reduced Costs

    Besides the actual IP phones, you dont have

    to purchase or maintain any other expensive

    hardware because it is hosted on the cloud.

    Besides potentially purchasing new phones,

    the only other cost you have is your monthly

    service bill. These monthly service costs

    vary across hosted VoIP providers, so its

    suggested to do a price comparison before

    settling with a service. Remember, most

    monthly fees are charged per user, so be sure

    to multiply the plan cost by how many employees youll be supporting. Some providers also make you

    pay for additional features, which can quickly add up each month. Try to look for a provider who offers

    preloaded features or lets you customize your plan so you arent overcharged.

  • 4. Abundant Features

    Like mentioned above, many services come preloaded with enough features to get your business

    phone system up and running. Some providers off feature bundles where you upgrade your plan

    to get the additional features. This is a great option if you can afford it but we suggest finding a

    customizable plan that is flexible enough to grow with your business. Avoid those costly add-ons and

    integration services most traditional landlines offer and opt for the professional features most hosted

    VoIP services provide at a cheaper price.

    5. 24/7 Customer Service

    If you dont have an IT staff at your small business, it is imperative that your new phone service

    provides around the clock customer support. If the dont have a 24/7 support service, look for live

    chat support during off hours and also additional resources such as user guides, tools, webinars, and

    video tutorials. Luckily, compared to traditional land lines, cloud-based VoIP services can generally

    be managed and troubleshot by the end user. But, if problems do arise, its nice to know someone is

    available to answer your questions.

    6. Flexibility

    Because a traditional PBX is a physical piece of equipment, it cannot be easily modified or upgraded.

    It takes up space in your already crowded office and complicates your communication networks. On

    the other hand, your business could benefit from the highly flexible nature of cloud technology. Your

    PBX could be reconfigured at a moments notice and you can easily add capacity as your company

    grows. Also, employees wont be stuck to their desks, as cloud-hosted phones can work anywhere

    a WiFi connection is available. This means your employees have the flexibility to work from home, a

    hotel room, or in a conference room, without losing connection to their work phone.


    Youve made the decision to switch your small business traditional landline to a cloud-based

    VoIP phone service. Youre ready to save money and improve the mobility of your small business

    operations. But what features should you be sure are included in your VoIP service? Below, we

    outline the top 4 essential features that are must-haves when purchasing a small business PBX

    phone service. After reading, youll be able to find the perfect VoIP solution to fit the needs of your

    small business.

  • Virtual PBX

    PBX, which stands for private branch exchange, is a telephone system that switches calls between

    users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. PBX

    systems reduce phone costs because each user is not required to have a dedicated line. Traditional

    PBX, also called on-site PBX, requires separate networks for voice and data communications. On the

    other hand, virtual PBX, or hosted PBX, employs converged data and voice networks, allowing VoIP

    and traditional telephone services to run through an Internet connection.

    Mobile Applications

    One feature we suggest not compromising on is a mobile app. Does your cloud-based VoIP provider

    offer a mobile app to let you take the functionality of the phone system wherever you go? Since your

    phone service is already hosted on the cloud, this feature is a must-have to increase the mobility and

    flexibility of your small business. You can use the app to make and receive calls, send and receive

    faxes and texts, set up and join conference calls, configure phone system settings, notifications, and

    voicemailall under your work number. It also allows you to bring your own device to work, reducing

    total cost of ownership for devices while improving employee productivity.


    Conference calling is an essential function for any business telephone system. But it can be critical

    for growing small businesses that need better communication tools to achieve success. If you have

    employees working from home or in different geographic locations, teleconferencing can save your

    business time when resolving an urgent issue.

    VoIP audio conferences allow callers to connect

    to a conference bridge via their telephones or

    computers. Paired with a hosted PBX, VoIP

    teleconferencing uses packet switching to see

    small pieces of data through your businesss

    Internet connection. Make sure you find a VoIP

    provider that allows external calls to connect to a

    conference bridge.

  • Auto-Receptionist

    Also called an auto-attendant, the auto-receptionist feature in a small business PBX phone service

    is a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a

    telephone operator. This service also usually includes a dial-by-name directory, allowing the caller

    to press a key to automatically ring the extension of a user. The benefits to these features are pretty

    obvious. You wont have to hire someone to sit at a desk and answer incoming calls just to transfer

    them to the right employee. You save money by avoiding new hires and look like a larger company

    with many employees.


    After considering the benefits that come with switching to a VoIP service provider and adding up the

    must-have features your business needs, its time to make the transition. Here are the 4 quick steps it

    takes to get your small business set up with VoIP.

    1. Optimize Your Internet Connection

    Since voice communication will be traveling through your Internet connection, it is critical you have

    fast, reliable service. Work with your Internet provider to ensure your network is optimized to handle

    the additional broadband use. One VoIP service provider, VOXtell, actually does an on-site audit of

    your Internet setup to analyze its capacity. Any settings that need to be configured are handled on the

    spot and at no additional cost.

    2. Partner with a VoIP Provider

    Now you need to actually pick a VoIP service provider. We suggest shopping around for options that

    fit your unique business communication needs. Like we mention above, price is important but should

    not be the ultimate deciding factor. Features like 24/7 customer support and mobile applications are

    deal-breakers regardless of price. So make sure you look at the whole spectrum of providers and

    dont fall into the large, national brand trap. Below, weve compared the above mentioned VOXtell

    against its competitors.


    FREE On-Site Network Audit

    FREE Personalized VoIP Next-Day Installation

    Contract Monthly 3 Years Monthly Annual

    Mobile App

    24/7 Customer Support

    User Capacity 1-100 5-40 Unlimited 1-100

    Supports All Major Phones

    Risk-Free 30 Day Trial

    Monthly Charge Per User (1-4 users) $29.95 $35 $50 $32.95

    3. Order the Perfect Equipment

    If your small business doesnt already have IP phones, its time to pay a one-time equipment fee

    to get your hands on some office phones. There are many options for you to choose from, making

    customization easier than ever. You can find the perfect desktop phone system, conference room

    intercom, or even a mobile device to handle work calls on-the-go. For the widest range of options,

    make sure your VoIP service provider supports all major phones. You may have to order and have the

    phones shipped to you, or you can choose a VoIP service provider that offers next-day installation,

    like VOXtell.

    4. Transfer Your Number

    It makes sense that an established business would want to keep its phone number, even when

    switching the technology. Talk to your VoIP service providers to see how long the number porting

    process takes. Some companies estimate minutes, others weeks. Plan ahead so your transition can

    be as seamless as possible when the new phone system is installed.

  • At this point you should be ready to make the switch from traditional landlines to VoIP services. You

    know the difference between landlines and VoIP and the many benefits and features you can take

    advantage of when switching. Youre ready to save money, grow your business, and get more from

    your business communication. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) predicts landlines

    will for the most part cease to exist by the year 2020. Dont wait until the last minute to upgrade your

    businesss phone system. Make the switch today and see what VoIP can do for your small business.

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    VOXtell delivers a robust cloud-hosted business VoIP phone system, enabling small

    to mid-sized business to do more and better serve customers. Our service can be

    described in six words: simple, affordable, mobile, unlimited, complete, and reliable.


    Our cloud-based business phone solutions give you the freedom to work anywhere

    and provide your company the tools it needs to succeed. Being able to manage

    and control your accounts online, as well as call recording features for training and

    compliance are just some of the options available to you through VOXtell.


    Unlike some business VoIP service providers, our company is based completely within

    the United States. We are equipped with a knowledgeable and helpful staff on-site to

    assist you with your complete VOXtell experience.


    The technology we use at VOXtell was built from the ground up, allowing us to quickly

    fix any issue, create new features, customize the system to your needs and do so

    much more for our customers that other VoIP services simple cant.


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