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    Kimberly Sutton May 1, 2014

    Stay True to You

    Lets f ace is, business owners walk a perilous line. They f eel the need to be the person their clients want themto be, but they also want to be themselves. If youre a business owner, it s important to remember to staytrue to you.

    Recently I posted to our companys Facebook page a post I was af raid would make us lose f ans. In the end Idecided, so what?! The post expressed who we, as business owners, are, and the foundation ourbusiness rests on.

    What was the post? A picture of my Bible.

    Accompanied by the text, Operations manual f or our business. #Bible I was certainI would have hate messages f rom non-religious f ans within the hour. You know whatwe got?


    Not a word.

    We didnt lose any f ans, however we didnt see any likes on that post either. In theend, I f ollowed the rule of stay trued to you and there were no negativerepercussions.

    A word to the wise, however. When you stay true to you, you MUST usediscretion. Your f ans may be VERY dif f erent f rom mine. Your audiencesdemographic could be on the complete other side of the spectrum. I wont post about polit ics on our platf ormsunless the topic directly af f ects business owners. And my humor will always stay clean so as to not of f end.

    Even outside of our social media platf orms we f ollow the rule of stay true to you. We start with ouremployees and contractors. Just because were the boss doesnt mean we need to act like (insert your f avoritenegative noun here). We treat others as we would want to be treated. If we have an issue with an employee wewill say so in a kind manner, and we ask f or and expect the same in return.

    And as is said in the Bible:

    We will not steal and we will not lie about ourselves or others. You get what you pay for (and more!) atSutton Creative Studios, and we will be truthful every step of the way!

    How do YOU stay true to you in your business? We would love to hear your answers!


    Kim Sutton is a f ounding partner of Sutton Creative Studios, an agency specializingin social media management, graphic design and virtual assistance. She is agraduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned herBachelor s Degree in Interior Architecture. In her f ree-time, Kim cherishes the timeshe gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and three children.She also enjoys reading, knitt ing and writ ing. You are invited to f ollow Sutton


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    Stay True to You


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