5 Ways to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing

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  • SnapchatMarketing

    5 Ways to Improve your

  • 100 million daily active users and 400 million

    snaps per day, Snapchat is one of the fastest-

    growing social networks

    Brands and content creators are using

    Snapchat to produce stories that engage and

    excite audiences

    Snapchat stories are a string of snaps used to

    create a video narrative

    Over 1 billion views of Snapchat stories each


    Why Snapchat?

  • Provide Specialized Content

    Strengthen your community by publishing content

    that shows a different side to your brand and is not

    available anywhere else

    Enhances emotional connection between brand and


  • Example: DJ Khaled

    Over 2 million followers.

    500,000 followers watch

    his story within the first 5


    Provides daily insights,

    known as keys to success

    through inspirational

    advice and commentary

  • Surprise Fans With Promotions & Perks

    Increases customer loyalty

    Use snaps to offer insider access, promo

    codes, or discounts

    Build anticipation when you announce

    the giveaway or promotional offer

    For a more sales-driven angle, you can

    post a snap with a special code or share a

    daily deal with your followers

  • Example: Taco Bell

    Your community will spread

    the word to their family and


    Ask users to screenshot the


    Track how many promo

    codes are used for internal


  • Involve Fans in Your Story

    Engage your followers by asking for their


    Ask followers to send in a selfie featuring

    your product or create a video on why they

    love your product

    Reply to your fans within the chat feature or

    send back a photo thanking them

  • Example: Everlane

    Everlane asked their

    followers to screenshot

    their snap or chat with

    them for more

    information on their

    new shoe collection

  • Include Branding Elements in Snaps

    Further enhance your brands voice

    and tone in a creative way

    Your Snapchat story can promote your

    products or offer behind-the-scene


    Include your brands logo or signature


  • Example: Lilly Pulitzer

    Their stories featurepalm trees, thedesign studio, modelshoots at the beachand in-store events Own brandedgeofilter forcustomers shoppingin the store

  • Team Up With Influencers

    Give select people access to your

    Snapchat and let them create stories

    that enhance brands personality

    Makes your account seem less

    promotional and more authentic

    Their popularity enhances your brand

  • Example: Red Bull

    Influencer:Snowboarder and XGames gold medalistMark McMorrisHe took fans throughhis day surfing in SanDiego and driving upthe mountains tosnowboard at Big Bear

  • Final Thoughts

    Snapchats authentic platform can make

    a strong impact with your followers and

    strengthen your brands point of view

    with real-time marketing

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