Editing Design-First Draft of Missing Jamie

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  1. 1. Started Vegas 12 and created a new project to start editing.
  2. 2. Imported footage from my folder into the editing program
  3. 3. (No sound) sound has been cut. Dragged the first shot of the clock from the footage box into the editing table then deleted the sound track as there is no need for extra sound in this scene. Then trimmed the length of the shot from 6 seconds to 2(:01) seconds.
  4. 4. Shot out of place a white line is seen between the black and grey border Had a closer look at the shot and observed that the shot had a small white line, this line will be seen on a bigger screen, therefore I had to remove. Pressed Video Event FX and then edited the frame of the shot so it fits the screen
  5. 5. The small gap between the shot and the field of vision was causing the white line I simply resized the vision filed up a bit to fit the shot frame.
  6. 6. Then I added a fade effect and decreased brightness level to the shot Opened Sony color Corrector in order to fix the colour of the shot.
  7. 7. Inserted the right amount of colour to the shot to make the shot look lightless. The clock is in the room when Jamie enters room, the room is dark, this is the reason why this shot cannot have any light.
  8. 8. Inserted next shot into the edition table and trimmed the beginning and end of this shot. Few seconds were cut out from shot such as: the 3,2,1 action part and extra recorded video. The lighting was good and so I didnt need to correct the light in this shot.
  9. 9. Before After Inserted next shot trimmed it and corrected it colour to match the previous one. Look below at the similarity of colour between this shot and the previous one Previous shot |^|)
  10. 10. Inserted next shot trimmed it added Sony Color Balance and lightened the place up a bit so the light between shots match. I couldn't use Sony Color Correct as that will affect the colour of light given off by the laptop.
  11. 11. Inserted next shot trimmed it and then resized its field of vision to cut out the stuff on the shelf I think that those props on shelf dont reflect her personality therefore I cut that part out.
  12. 12. Then I went into effects and added color correct and changed the colour of light in the room so there are no continuity issues.
  13. 13. Got the next clip into the table cropped it and placed it next to the sequence Added next shot in
  14. 14. Added next shot trimmed it and gave it a fade effect Colour corrected this shot so the room colour is consistent Added next shot in and made it fade in. Then de-saturated the shot so it infers night.
  15. 15. Inserted next shot opened Video Event FX inserted 4 new frame so the shot slowly zooms towards Jamie Edited the vision field in order to create the zoom(/tracking) effect. (Inserting fames)
  16. 16. Added next shot and trimmed it Added next shot trimmed it and split it so I can do a shot reverse shot between Mr Anonymous and Jamie
  17. 17. Added the reaction shot, deleted some of the footage form Mr Anonymous Then deleted a bit of the sound from Mrs shot and lowed his volume and left a gap so we can hear Jamie's reaction.
  18. 18. Added next shots
  19. 19. Added a bunch of shots in and edited them I had to slow one the shots down. Inserted Envelope And velocity then added some points on the footage where I want it to go faster.
  20. 20. Inserted other shots in, trimmed them and place them in narrative order.
  21. 21. Spited this shot multiple times to I can add a heart pump effect when in in Video Event FX and manipulated the spited shots to do that and added a heart beat sound. And other dialog.
  22. 22. Then I added the sounds such as the message pings and the ring tone, some sounds were copyrighted from sources but other were taken from previous or unused shots. (No music as this is a draft so I can get audience feedback)
  23. 23. Now that the draft is completed I must converted to a video and presented to audience
  24. 24. And then waited for it to finish converting