Name ideas for my music magazine

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2. 1. INDI - Indi - INDi- iNDI - INdI - inDi -The name Indi is original, yet it has a clear meaning. This is important for a music mag so the readers know what it is about. The word obviously comes from indie, this is important so that the customers understand the type of music. 3. 2. Majestic Sound I like this as it sounds nice, it has a catchy tone to it and makes it quite intriguing. I think it is important to have the sound part as well as it automatically lets us know it is a music mag. I may possibly use Magestic Sound as it is different yet looks the same. This could be tied in with the idea of qwerkiness which indie is. 4. 3. RunawayI like this name, however Im not sure it links with music as much as the other ones. I need to be careful with that as it is important that the customer knows and understands what my magazine is about. I want it to stand out and be obvious. 5. 4. Freedom 5. Feedback 6. Sound Again I like all of these however theyre not an obvious music magazine name, nor have as much relevance to music. Apart from Sound which I thought sounded original however was too bland and simple for my magazine.