We Must Uphold our Marriages

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With all the challenges that are there in our marriages, we must still uphold them.

Text of We Must Uphold our Marriages

  • 1. WE MUST UPHOLD OURMARRIAGESThough we are living in tough timeswhen there are many challenges inmarriage, we must still uphold ourmarriages.Sunday, September 14, 20141

2. A DIVINE INSTITUTIONThe Bible presents marriage as adivine institution. If marriage wereof human origin, then human beingswould have a right to decide thekind of marital relationships tochoose.Sunday, September 14,20142 3. Marriage, however, began with God.It was established by God at thebeginning of human history whenHe "created the heavens and theearth" (Gen 1:1). As the Creator ofmarriage, God has the right to tellus which principles should governour marital relationships.Sunday, September 14,20143 4. As Christians who choose to live inaccordance with Gods will, wemust study and respect thoseBiblical principles governingmarriage.Sunday, September 14,20144 5. MARRIAGE AS A COVENANTThe very first description of thenature of marriage in the Bible, asconsisting of leaving, cleaving andbecoming one flesh (Gen 2:24),reveals the Biblical understandingof marriage as a covenantrelationship.Sunday, September 14,20145 6. This meaning of marriage as acovenant of companionship isexpressed more explicitly later inScripture in such passages asMalachi 2:14:Sunday, September 14,20146 7. "The Lord was witness tothe covenant between you and the wifeof your youth, to whom you have beenfaithless, though she isyour companion and your wifebycovenant." Being a sacred covenant,marriage serves in the Old and NewTestaments as the prism through whichGod reveals His covenant relationshipwith His people and Christ with Hischurch.Sunday, September 14,20147 8. 1 CORINTHIANS 7:1-5The church of Corinth had written Paulabout many areas of the Christian life.Paul now begins for the first time in hisletter to the Church to answer some ofthe concerns on the hearts of theCorinthian believers.Sunday, September 14,20148 9. 1 Corinthians 7:1Now concerning the things of whichyou wrote to me: It is good for aman not to touch a woman.(NKJV)Paul already stated his conclusionon the issue from the beginning: Itis good for a man not to touch awoman.Sunday, September 14,20149 10. To touch means to have intercoursewith a woman. This truth wasalready established in the 6thchapter. Paul of course means sexoutside of marriage which he makesclear in verse 2:Sunday, September 14,201410 11. 1 Corinthians 7:2Nevertheless, because of sexualimmorality, let each man have his ownwife, and let each woman have her ownhusband.(NKJV)This is the answer to every sexualdisease problem in the worldmarriage.Sunday, September 14,201411 12. If people would get married and staymarried, and stay faithful to theirpartner, sexually transmitted diseaseswould end. Safe sex is not the answer.Right sex is the answer.Sunday, September 14,201412 13. Notice how Paul states it in verse 2:"let every man have his own wifeand let every woman have her ownhusband".Sunday, September 14,201413 14. This means:You both belong to each other.You do not belong to anyone else.You are to devote yourselvessexually, completely to your ownmate. It is to be a mutual devotionto each other.Sunday, September 14,201414 15. 1 Corinthians 7:3Let the husband render to his wifethe affection due her, and likewisealso the wife to her husband.(NKJV)The marriage contract includesobligations. Both the husband andthe wife have duties to each other.Each partner has certain rights thatshould be respected.Sunday, September 14,201415 16. Let the husband fulfill his marital dutyto his wife and let the wife fulfill hermarital duty to her husband. Sex is apart of the marital responsibility ofboth partners. It is to be demonstratedby a mutual devotion to each other.Sunday, September 14,201416 17. 1 Corinthians 7:4The wife does not have authorityover her own body, but the husbanddoes. And likewise the husbanddoes not have authority over hisown body, but the wife does.(NKJV)Sunday, September 14,201417 18. In verses 1-3 the injunction isalways given to the man first, but inthis verse it is given to the womanindicating that this was a majorproblem with the wives in themarital relationship.Sunday, September 14,201418 19. The sex drives in men are stronger andSatan uses that to his advantage. Bothpartners upon marriage give up thecontrol of their bodies sexually to theirpartners. It is to be a mutual devotion toeach other.Sunday, September 14,201419 20. It is a fair deduction that somemembers of the Corinthian Churchadvocated sexual abstinence inmarriage. This is wrong and led todangerous and needless sins. There isto be a mutual surrender of ones bodyto each other.Sunday, September 14,201420 21. 1 Corinthians 7:5Do not deprive one another exceptwith consent for a time, that youmay give yourselves to fasting andprayer; and come together again sothat Satan does not tempt youbecause of your lack of self-control.(NKJV)Sunday, September 14,201421 22. DO NOT DEPRIVE EACH OTHER. Paulis writing about a practice that wasgoing on between some of the marriedcouples in the Corinthian Church. Hisclear instruction was that this practicewould STOP!Sunday, September 14,201422 23. There is only one time in scripture thatyou can restrict yourselves sexuallyfrom each other under normalconditions. That will be explained in amoment. The command here is clear:Do not deprive each other sexually.Just stop doing that. EXCEPT:Sunday, September 14,201423 24. It be with consent, (mutual)For a time (short)That you may give yourselves over tofasting and praying, THEN cometogether again, lest Satan will nottempt you because of your lack of selfcontrol.Sunday, September 14,201424 25. Clearly Paul repeats the necessity formarried couples to be sexually active.I believe that marital infidelity, andlack of marital devotion is the numberone cause of divorces in Kenya.Sunday, September 14,201425 26. So why do many couples fail in thisarea besides the reasons that Pauldescribed?1. They married for sex rather thanfor love.2. They fail to see their partner as agift from God.Sunday, September 14,201426 27. 3. Worldly fantasies of lovemaking areblown away.4. The dating game is over and you nolonger see the need to court yourmate.5. Selfishness.6. Willingly being used by the devil.Sunday, September 14,201427 28. We need not fall into the trap oflosing sexual love towards eachother. The Bible gives us a perfectpicture of how marital love shouldbe demonstrated.Sunday, September 14,201428 29. CONCLUSIONThe divine institution of marriage andof the teachings regarding marriage,has shown us how the Scriptureconsistently upholds marriage as asacred and permanent covenant,witnessed and protected by God.Sunday, September 14,201429 30. God used marriage as a metaphor torepresent His commitment to Hispeople, He must surely have thoughtof it as a sacred, permanent covenant.Sunday, September 14,201430 31. The conviction that it is God Whohas united our lives in holymatrimony and Who will help us tostay together will motivate us topersevere in preserving the unity ofthe marriage covenant.Sunday, September 14,201431 32. We must therefore uphold ourmarriages. Infidelity and lust hasbrought many challenges inmarriages. We can learn from theteachings of Paul to the CorinthianChurch on how we should upholdour marriages.Sunday, September 14,201432 33. 1 Corinthians 7:2Nevertheless, because of sexualimmorality, let each man have hisown wife, and let each woman haveher own husband. (NKJV)Sunday, September 14,201433