Why Social CRM matters for your business

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Introducing Social CRMWhy Social CRM matters to your business?</p> <p>What exactly is Social CRM?</p> <p>Social CRM is defined as?</p> <p>Social CRM is defined as the use of social media techniques, service leveraging on technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers in a collaborative conversation so to provide mutually beneficial value in a transparent business environment. It is commonly known as Social media monitoring, that allows the company to watch services like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc for relevant mentions and react accordingly .</p> <p>Why exactly is Social Media important?</p> <p>Reasons why Social media is necessarySource: Infographic from Search Engine Journal</p> <p>Reasons why is necessarySource: Ultimate Guide to Facebook AdvertisingFacebook has over 1.3 billion users, largest of all networks Nearly of all Facebook users are active each day. Average time spent on Facebook is 18 minutes per visit! Each Facebook users is connected to 80 pages, group or events</p> <p>Reasons why is necessarySource: Ultimate Guide to Twitter for BusinessAverage User with 208 followers, 307 average Tweets, average of 170 minutes on Twitter each day. Nearly of all Twitter users are active each day. 29% of all Twitter user are active several times each day. 85% of users feel connected to business after they follow on Twitter</p> <p>Reasons why is necessarySource: expandedramblings.com200 million users are on Instagram 37 average likes +comments / post. Monday@6pm is the best time to post. 57% of users log in at least once a day</p> <p>17% of online adults use Instagram</p> <p>Average user spends 257 minutes / month on Instagram</p> <p>35 million selfies to date</p> <p>Reasons why is necessarySource: Ultimate Guide to Linkedin for BusinessEvery second, 2 new user joined Linkedin. Joined with more than 270 million users. Touts the user base for professionals: More B2B than B2C</p> <p>Corporate services and solutions are best for Linkedin platforms </p> <p>What it means to your business?Simply: Social CRM is the focal methodology of extracting business intelligence from your targeted audience. It taps on different sources to gather multiple voices from your fans, prospects, eventually your end to end customers.By listening, it creates a new shouting to what matters to your business in insights of information towards their interest, behavioral moods, comments and most importantly their reaction choice to your products, service or brands of yours.</p> <p>With clever intelligence gathered, you are able to solve business problems reactively and instantly resolved new marketing ideas to enhance new Solutions revolving around your customers concern, issues, problems and react accordingly to the lasting relationship building.</p> <p>What value do I gather from Social CRM?With Social CRM, you have the power to:You are able to understand why and what platforms that your audience are using.Spread the voice to make your audience feel connected, together with theirUnderstanding on the return for their time and efforts in the means of engagement.Resolving critical issues faced by your customers, and reacting accordingly to what they need for a real time solution.Measure the level of success that your campaign has run and importantly the ROI input for your business bottom line.Important insights from intelligence data heard from market which are critical for your next decision making and investment.</p> <p>What is your Social CRM software all about?</p> <p>By understanding the principles of Social CRM: Our SCRM software has garner the ability to source, hunt, listen, analyze different sources of information into digestible insights for your critical business need.</p> <p>How to kick start this Social media strategy?</p> <p>STEP 1: Define your end goalSTEP 2: Select your ideal Social PlatformsSTEP 3: Monitor &amp; study the voices heardSTEP 4: Identify areas of value addSTEP 5: Engage and ImproviseSTEP 6: Repeat &amp; repeat</p> <p>Social media Strategy process</p> <p>Our Social CRM Features:</p> <p>Social Networks We Support &amp; Monitor&gt; 18 Social Networks &gt; 3 Social Blogs &gt; 3 Business review sites &gt; 4 Web Analytics &amp; Short Linkers &gt; 3 Online Ecommerce stores</p> <p>Social Networks We Support</p> <p>Business Reviews Sites We Support</p> <p>Web Analytics &amp; Short Linkers Sites We Support</p> <p>Online Ecommerce Stores We Support</p> <p>Our Social CRM Value</p> <p>. One social platform to almost all +80 social sites. Ability to track, measure, analyze data collected. Real time report updates given. Scheduled single publishing at your convenience. No complex hardware as its cloud based solution. Unlimited user license for this software . Easy adoption &amp; beautiful user interface for shorter learning curve. Shorter deployment software installation. Act as a critical BI Engine for Analysis &amp; data mining. Lesser cost of investment compared to engaging external agencies</p> <p>Our Social CRM Value:</p> <p>Call us today for an non-obligatory discussion and demonstration</p> <p>Name: AaronDesignation: Business Development ManagerCompany: Capital Media Pte LtdMobile: 9028-7921Email: aaron@seoagency.asia</p> <p>Keen to find out more?</p>