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An upgrade to usabilityKeynoteMobility: cMobileMicrosoft meets SAPFeeding information: Business ClientSimple & Sexy: Screen PersonasStraightforward and mobile-proof: SAP FioriThe journey of UX2Pieter SomersRetail SpecialistRun Anywhere3

Predictive AnalyticsSolution scenarios for product shortagesAssist employeesPropose solutionsDecrease errors

Higher efficiency4

DEMO SUPPLY COVERAGEBusiness perspectiveFiori apps are simple.

Fiori apps are mobile enabled.

Business wants them.

The launchpad is a flexible cockpit for your apps6IT perspectiveFiori apps are different from SAPGui.

HTML5 and JavaScript: thats not ABAP.

REST webservices? We hardly know SOAP.

IT rather wouldnt have Fiori.7Hana /any DB Pre-requisitesEvery Fiori App has specific requirements

You need a NetWeaver Gateway

Some run only on Hana

You need the UI Add-on

8SuiteFIORI APPSEHP?OSS NotesGatewayUI Add-onNeed Help? App RequirementsAll Fiori Apps listed



Installation procedure


Need Help? - GatewayStandard as of NetWeaver 7.40Installed by default

Its all ABAP

10Need Help? Installation & notesInstalling a Fiori app used to be a note hell

That will change with the guided installation tool


Need Help? ExtensionsSAPUI5 is not ABAP

But we can make it easier with the right tools


Need Help? ExtensionsThe webIDECan import Fiori Apps from your backendAllows to extend these appsSupports stand-alone testingCan deploy them on the backend

Features syntax support for SAPUI5Features templates and quick start applications

13SummaryTools and information is available to tackle each hurdleLandscape