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Christology 5 (Resurrection)

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Bible Basics, Christology 2, Todd Linn, First Baptist Church Henderson KY

Text of Christology 5 (Resurrection)

  • 1.


  • Share the love of Jesus in a practical way . . .
  • Pick up those little yellow cards and use one this week!!!!


  • (A Study in Systematic Theology)


  • (The Study of Jesus Christ)

5. CHRISTOLOGY (The Study of Jesus Christ) HisPerson (Theontologicaldimension) (Who Heis ) HisWork (Thefunctionaldimension) (What Hedoes ) 6. (Two Natures / One Personality) ThePerson of Christ Full Deity Full Humanity 7. TheWorkof Christ SinlessLife VicariousDeath (substitutionary) Bodily Resurrection 8. Tonights Topic : THE BODILY RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST 9. Our Options Regarding the Resurrection

  • A Great Hoax (the resurrection isfalse )
  • A Nice Mythology (the resurrection isfiction )
  • The Supreme Event of History (the resurrection isfact )
  • Belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God stands or falls with the question of His bodily resurrection.

10. Naturalistic Theories of 19 thCentury Liberal Theology

  • Swoon (He did not actually die)
  • Spirit (His spirit returned but not His body)
  • Vision (His disciples hallucinated)
  • Legend/Myth (Popular even today: Just a nice story with a teaching point.A real Jesus is not necessary, but useful and probable.


  • Stolen Body, by:
  • a)Jews
  • b)Romans
  • c)Disciples (Matthew 28:11-15)
  • d)Joseph of Arimathea (John 19:38ff)
  • Wrong Tomb
  • Deliberate Lie for Profit
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Twin Theory (He had an identical brother)

12. Specific Evidences of the Resurrection

  • Naturalistic theories fail to explain away the event of the resurrection.
  • The resurrection marked the birth of Christianity so that even our calendars are impacted by it (2003 A.D.)
  • The change in the day of worship from the Sabbath to Sunday by Jews.


  • Radical change in the disciples:
  • New Power
  • New Courage
  • Faithful to Death (all but one died a martyrs death; Who would die for something he did not think were true?)
  • Empty tomb / No body
  • Numerous and various resurrection appearances


  • Unlikely nature of mass hallucination (not really possible from a psychological standpoint)
  • Reported appearances which lasted 40 days and then completely stopped.(Why?)
  • Because He was not seen anymore! (ascended into heaven)


  • Multitude of fulfilled Old Testament prophecies
  • Conversion of two skeptics: James and Paul (the former Saul of Tarsus)
  • Articles left in the empty tomb (John 20:5ff; why would someone unwrap the body if he were stealing it?)
  • Reliable eyewitness documents recording the facts . . .


  • The New Testament is the best authenticated document from the ancient world.There are more manuscripts of the New Testament of an earlier date and more reliable nature than any other book from antiquity.

17. 18. A Simple Question to Think About

  • Somethinghappened about A.D. 30.Ifnotthe resurrection, then what?
  • Why else would a bunch of Jews change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and even die for what they believed?
  • If not the resurrection, then what happened to get Christianity started?

19. 20. Because He Lives

  • God Sent His Son, they called Him Jesus;
  • He came to love, heal, and forgive;
  • He lived and died to buy my pardon;
  • An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives!


  • Because He lives I can face tomorrow;
  • Because He lives all fear is gone;
  • Because I know He holds the future,
  • And life is worth the living just because He lives.