Creating Arts Together - putting ethnodoxology into practice

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Presentation by Jen Chignola of WEC Resonance UK. Adapted from the book "Creating Local Arts Together" by Brian Schragg. A reduction of a module called "Arts for a Better Future" which is taught in conjunction with GIAL (TX, USA) and All Nations Christian College (Hertz. UK).

Text of Creating Arts Together - putting ethnodoxology into practice

  • 1. A r t s f orB a F e t t erutureA Guide to the CLAT ProcessPresented by Jennifer Chignola 2013 Brian Schrag, Intl Council of

2. Research + Ministry = Love- Robin Harris, ICE 3. TAKE A FIRST GLANCE AT a specific community the communitys arts the communitys goals the communitys social &conceptual life summarize results &challenges of this step1 4. STEPS FOR SPECIFYING GOALS : Gather community voices Explore strengths & aspirations Explore problems Native community (not you!) choosesto focus on one or two goals Summarize results & challenges2 5. 6 Broad Kingdom Goals CategoriesCategory ExamplesIdentity & Sustainability Community values identity, teaches children theirtraditions, contributes local, regional, & global media.Shalom Responds to social, emotional, & physical challengesin healthy ways. Practices reconciliation, rest & play.JusticeLoves & strengthens poor & socially marginalized. Learnswhats needed to succeed in & contribute to society.Reads and listens to Bible & other literature. Works tocontribute to their material well-being .Scripture Translates scripture. Accesses scripture thru familiarforms.Church LifeChrist-followers gather to worship in ways that promotedeep communication with God & each other. Understand& remember scripture. Mark crucial events with culturallyappropriate Christian rites & ceremonies. Non-believerslearn about God thru witnessing.Personal Spiritual LifeIndividual has vibrant prayer/mediation life, experiencesspiritual growth, examines scripture accurately &faithfully, applies Bible to their life. 6. Kingdom Goals: Strengths TableStrengths Kingdom GoalHospitality ShalomRespect b/t generations Identity & SustainabilityCelebration Identity & SustainabilityHigh value for education Justice 7. Kingdom Goals: Problems TableProblems Kingdom GoalsExploitation/Human Trafficking JusticeWar, crime, violence ShalomGroup(s) left out of worship ChurchLoss of traditions Identity & SustainabilityFear of death Personal Spiritual LifeLack of access to Bible Scripture 8. BASED ON THE KINGDOMGOAL (S),CHOOSE THE DESIRED EFFECTS of the new artistry How do we want people to change in ways thatmove them towards this kingdom goal? Examples: influence feelings, thoughts, actions,understanding, circumstance, behaviors CONTENT of the new artistry What content do we want to communicate? How can we make sure the content is reliable?3 9. 3BASED ON THE KINGDOMGOAL (S),CHOOSE THE DESIRED GENRE that can communicate the content &produce the desired effects Show list of artistic genres produced when you didFirst Glance @ Community Arts exercise and forEACH genre ask Would a new artistic work in this genre have thechosen effects & communicate the chosen content? EVENTS that host new artistic work in thedesired genre Who are the communicators? What senses willparticipants use? When & where? How willparticipants respond to the original artists? Could thegenre miscommunicate the message to participants? 10. 4DESCRIPTION OF AN ARTISTICGENRE :[Genre Name]A. Event Analysis [EVENTNAME] Start/End date, time Location Brief description First glance at the event: Space Materials Participants Shape thru time Performance features Content Underlying symbolic systems Apparent purposes Emotions Community values shown Communal investment 11. SPACEMATERIALSPARTICIPANTSSYMBOLSMESSAGEPERFORMANCE SHAPE TRHU TIMEFEATURESINT E R R E L AT IONOF L E NS E S 12. 4DESCRIPTION OF AN ARTISTIC GENRE :B. Artistic Aspects of an Event Music Drama Dance Oral verbal arts Visual arts Interrelationships betweenformal elements of the eventAPPLYPERFORMANCELENSES TO EACHARTISTIC ASPECT 13. 4DESCRIPTION OF AN ARTISTICGENRE :C. Broader Cultural Context of an Event Artists Creativity Language Transmission & change Cultural dynamism Identity & power Aesthetics Time Emotions Subject matter Community values shown Communal investment 14. 4DESCRIPTION OF AN ARTISTICGENRE :D. Explore how a Christian community relatesto the Broader Church and cultural context [CHURCH NAME] Discover a Christian communitys arts Compare a CCs use of arts with that ofits surrounding communities Evaluate how arts currently fulfill aCCs purposes Apply a heart arts questionnaire to a CC Evaluate worship meetings usingbiblical principles Evaluate a Christian community usingthe worship wheel Assess a multicultural CCs art Interpret Scripture well 15. SPARK CREATIVITY5OBJECTIVE :DESIGN AN ACTIVITY that will result inNEW ARTISTRY for a genre which,when enacted in a COMMUNITY EVENT,will likely produce DESIRED EFFECTSin those who experience it and therebyprovide a chance for the community toMOVE TOWARD KINGDOM GOAL. 16. SPARK CREATIVITY51 . WHAT IS A SPARKINGACTIVITY ? Anything that results in the creation of new artistry Profile: Title, summary w/ overall type, participants,research needed from CAP survey (Step 1),materials needed, tasks/steps involved, BigPicture analysis 17. SPARK CREATIVITY52 . DRAW ON FAMILIAR METHODS OFCOMPOSITION: Each community & creative individual hasPATTERNS they follow to make art Think carefully about the MERISTEM: love,encourage, & protect those who are the crux ofcreativity and growth point in artistic production May have to COMISSION secular artists. Make surethey are reputable. 18. SPARK CREATIVITY53 . IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES &BARRIERS : What might help the community spark a richflowering of new works in this genre? How could we draw on these opportunities whendesigning the sparking activity? What might stop the community from achievingthis activity? How could we overcome those barriers? 19. SPARK CREATIVITY54 . DECIDE ON THE TYPE OF ACTIVITY: COMISSIONING WORKSHOPS SHOWCASE EVENTS MENTORING APPRENTICESHIP PUBLICATIONS CREATORS CLUB 20. SPARK CREATIVITY5 . DESIGN A NEW OR MODIFYAN EXISTING ACTIVITY56 . PERFORM THE ACTIVITY &RECORDWHAT HAPPENED IN THECAP 21. Contextualization:The Intersection ofForm and MeaningFORMS MEANINGS RESULTLocal Local Local ReligionForeign LocalChristo-paganSyncretismForeign ForeignDominationSyncretismLocal ChristianAppropriate forthe ChurchCharles Kraft, Anthropology for Christian Witness 1996 22. IMPROVE NEW WORKSDECIDING CRITERIA FOR GOOD &BAD : TRUST the local system IDENTIFY what kinds of evaluationshould happen & when (during or after) DESIGN an evaluation process using aconceptual approach6 Identify & work thru local structures Define together criteria for how good a work is & how to improve it Identify elements of artistic communication (ala Step 4) Identify purposes of artistic communication event Identify people to include in eval. process Identify objects that can provide focal point or reference whenevaluating event Together affirm aspects of the creation that work well. Encouragecreators to do something better based on the eval. 23. IMPROVE NEW WORKSDESIGN A RECURRING CYCLE OFEVALUATION : WHO SHOULD HELP? 4-5 target audiencemembers and 2+ older experts in the community WITH PPL ABOVE, TEST FOR CORRECT THE ART WORK TEST AGAIN FOR EFFECTIVENESS6 MEANING NATURALNESS OWNERSHIP ACCURACY 24. IMPROVE NEW WORKSDESIGN AN EVALUATION PROCESSBASED ON SCRIPTURAL FIDELITY : SELF-CHECK CONSULTANT CHECK COMMUNITY CHECKcf. Contextualization Chart by Charles Kraftfor further guidance on discerning form andmeaning behind a new piece of artistry.6 25. INTEGRATE & CELEBRATE7CHOOSE WHAT TO I&C : Encourage continuity By making intentional creativity a habit In arts that make the most unique kingdom contributions In the most endangered arts In arts that are most likely to flourishACT TO KEEP THE GOOD GOING: Integrate Make artistic practice a part of normalpatterns of community life (ala Step 5) Celebrate Present to community leaders, disseminaterecordings, perform at festivals & socialevents, enter contests Evaluate 26. INTEGRATE & CELEBRATE7UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUTCONTINUITY : Good creativity spawns more creativity Recurring events help Artistry needs to fill four conditions to besustainable1. FUNCTION2. ACQUISITION (pass on art forms)3. MOTIVATION4. ENVIRONMENT 27. INTEGRATE & CELEBRATE 7GRADE SUSTAINABILITY ONA HOPE TO HOPELESS SCALE :ExtinctShiftingAND FINALLYKNOW WHEN TO LETGO!DormantLocked