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Jodo Mission Bulletin - November 2016

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  • Jodo Mission of Hawaii

    Bulletin - NOVEMBER 2016 (#1240-1116

    Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St.

    Honolulu HI 96814

    Address Service Requested

    SECURITY PURPOSES Sometime ago we mentioned that for security purposes, the front door of Jodo Mission of Hawaii is locked. We have had many instances of intruders coming to the office and the temple and because of this we must continue this practice. Please ring the doorbell and someone will be more than happy to unlock the door. We apologize for this inconvenience. Al-so, there may be instances when no one is available, i.e. minister is at a service; a sign is normally at the front door when he will return.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


    Jodo Mission Is Looking forVolunteers for Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Jodo Mission is looking for volunteers or a volunteer to help answer the telephone, take messages, take reservations for memorial services, allow someone to enter the nokotsudo or columbarium, etc. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is a

    good opportunity to learn about Jodo Mission and its many activities. If you are interested, please contact Rev. Narashiba at 949-3995.

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    The Japanese By Rev. Kanjun Nakano

    In Japan there are many temples, shrines and churches. But, today, many Japanese do not join a specific religious group. Why ? There is a reason.

    75 years ago, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor by the false reli-

    gious spirit and Japan was defeated in World War. As a re-sult, the Japanese lost many things. After that, the Japanese soci-ety changed extensively. The Japanese abolished religion from their politics and public education. Since then people have begun to lose the connection to religious groups.

    Actually, before, all of the Japanese were Buddhists.

    During Edo (Tokugawa) period (1603-1868), every member of every family became Buddhist. Christianity was prohibited by the then authorities. Because their teaching was that the faith was stronger than the royal power. The authorities required all Japanese to register as a member of a Buddhist temple. The authorities also made use of a temple as a city hall. If people did not do so, they could not register marriages or get an official pass for travel-ing. They would also be suspected of believing in Christianity. Every family member went to a nearest temple and registered as a member. Then Japanese peoples sects were decided by the family. And many families have inherited it now.

    However, most Japanese today may not know which sect they belong to and it does not matter to them. Well, Japanese know that God, Buddha and other spirits have powers to humans. So, for example, they pray to Shinto-God for health, Buddhas for ancestors and Christian-God for marriage.

    Most Japanese do not have a belief to a particular sect. But, simply, they visit shrines, temples and churches to ask for help, profit and protection. Now, this is the way most Japanese pray.

    Jodo-E or Bodhi Day Celebration

    Please save December 4, 2016 for Hawaii Buddhist Councils Jodo-E ser-vice at Jodo Mission of Hawaii at 9:30 a.m. This is the celebration when Buddha attained enlightenment. Further information will come in Decem-ber Bulletin.

  • B A Z A A R THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE BAZAAR on Sunday, October 16, 2016. The Bazaar doors opened at 8:00 a.m. but for some reason, some people like coming early and the earliest person stood in line at 5:00 a.m. The weather was great on the day of the bazaar .

    THANK YOU for coming and hope you found some wonderful things! For all those who came to help, we cannot thank you enough. Also THANK YOU to all who came to help on Sunday, October 9, 2016 for Bazaar preparation and taking all the stored things out. THANK YOU TO the members, family and friends who came all week from October 10 to October 15 to sort and price items. THANK YOU so much for your time! Thank you also for the Kiwanis Club for assisting with parking on Bazaar Day. There were people who left things to be sold just outside the closed social hall doors for the Bazaar.!

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    The Bazaar day was a beautiful sunny day!

    Arigato for all your donations throughout the year! Things that one person does not need is another persons treasure! See you again next year!

    Rev. Narashiba gives the Bazaar blessing before the door is open

    Anxious shoppers: Photo at left was taken at 6:30 a.m. be-fore the door to the social hall was open.

    Karamatsu family: Richard Karamatsu (with hat bending over) is the plant person and Jon assisting him with the plant sales. There were all kinds of plants, fruit trees, anthurium plants, tea leaf plants, and also a lot of donated clay pots.

    Aove photo: Shoppers everywhere. Good buys! Craft items, dishes, hand-bags, suitcases, DVDs, etc. Right photo: Shopper who found lots of goodies: cereal mix, cookiesoatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, little cakes, spam musubi, sekihan.

  • More Bazaar Photos:

    Lots of toys, jewelry, dolls and trinkets for sale.

    Lots of people looking for good buys. Also Ian Kitajima had a chance to chat with Yoshiko Kitagawa. Below left: Shoppers every where! Below right: After all the shoppers are gone, all the tables are put away and floors swept and cleanedcan you imagine all those things on the left were gone!

    Thank you again for all your donations, volunteered hours and all the many shoppers who came. See you again next year!

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  • MOCHI (Dec. 27) ORDER FORM Deadline for order is Sunday, December 4, 2016


    Order accepted by: _______________ Date accepted: _____/_____/_2016 (In person/ Mail / Phone)

    Received by: _______________ Date paid: _____/_____/_2016 (Cash / Check# )


    OKASANE $4.25/SET








    With the New Year just around the corner it is once again time to order our delec-table mochi. This year, we will be selling Okasane and Komochi. Please fill out the mochi order form above. The deadline to submit your mochi order form is Sunday, December 4th.

    Mochi is to be picked up on: Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm And to those who would like to learn and make mochi with us, we will be making mochi on Tuesday, December 27th from 7:00 am. This is a fun and memorable experience for all, especially families (a family who makes mochi together sticks together). Please come and join us. We look forward to seeing you.

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  • Obituaries

    Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere

    condolences to the family members and loved

    ones of the following members who have re-

    cently left this world for the Pure Land.

    Suzuko Ono 95

    Jodo Mission Office Hours:

    Monday to Saturday: 8am5pm

    Sunday & Holidays: 8am3pm

    Phone: 949-3995


    Rev. Yubun Narashiba Head Minister

    Rev. Kanjun Nakano Resident Minister

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    What is Perpetual Memorial Service? (Eitaikyo)

    This record of a perpetual memorial service and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of death occurs for a person listed on this record, the minis-ters pray for that individual during the morning ser-vice. The prayers will continue each year for as long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to have memorial services. We also welcome you to attend the morning service at 9:30 am.

    How to apply: Stop by the office, and fill out the application form. Each name costs $200. After the application is accepted, the name will be listed on the record.

    2017 Jodo Shu Calendar

    Live the Jodo Shu style each and every day, sharing in the love and compassion of Amida Buddha year round with the messages of distin-guished priests. Calen-dar is for January through December 2017. Free calendar is available. Please order your calendar now be-

    fore we run out. Please call Jodo Mission of Hawaii at 949-3995 by November 13.

    O-Juya Service Will be held on Sunday,

    November 13 at 10:00 a.m.

    Doing good deeds (reciting Namu Amida Butsu) here and now exceeds a thousand years of good deeds in the land of all the Buddhas.

    At Jodo Mission, it is customary for us to offer sweet treats to Amida Buddha. Please do not forget your sweet treats to share with eve-ryone. (But not leftovers from Halloween.)

    Please join us for our O-Juya Service on Sunday, November 13, at 10 a.m.

    Bishop Gensho Hara Lahaina, Maui

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