Spread Of Protestant Reformation

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  • 1. Spread of the Reformation

2. 1. Radical Reformers

  • Hundreds of new Protestant sects sprang up, way more radical than Luther.
  • One such sect was theAnabaptists .


  • A number of radical Protestant groups rejected infant baptism.
  • Infants, they argued, were too young to understand what it meant to accept the Christian faith.
  • These people became known as theAnabapists .


  • Anabaptists soon became too different; they wanted to abolish private property.
  • Even Luther urged Lutherans to join Catholics in suppressing the Anabaptists.


  • Dirk Willems was a martyred Anabaptist who is most famous for, after his escape from prison, turning around to rescue his pursuer, who had fallen through thin ice while chasing him.
  • After his harrowing escape and recapture, he was burned at the stake near his hometown on 16 May 1569.
  • Today, he is one of the most celebrated martyrs among Anabaptists.

6. 2. The English Reformation

  • Henry VIII , at first, was against the Protestants.
  • In 1527, Henry wanted to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, because she could not produce a male heir; the Pope saidno!

7. Catherine of Aragon Princess Mary 8.

  • In 1534, the Act of Supremacy made Henry VIII the leader of theChurch of England(Anglican Church); whoever did not accept this was executed.
  • Henry then married Anne Boleyn, who gave birth to the future Elizabeth I.

9. 10.

  • Many loyal Catholics refused to accept the Act of Supremacy and were executed for treason.
  • Among them was Sir Thomas More, the great English humanist.
  • More was latercanonized , or recognized as a saint, by the Catholic Church.

11. 12. Jane Seymour Edward VI 13. Anne of Cleves Katherine Howard 14. Catherine Parr 15. 16. 3. Edward VI

  • When Henry died in 1547, Edward VI, a devout Protestant, inherited the throne.
  • Under his short rule, theBook of Common Prayerwas created.
  • It was a mix of Catholic and Protestant beliefs.

17. 4. Queen Mary I Bloody Mary

  • Upon Edwards death, Mary became Queen.
  • She tried to restore England to the Catholic faith, and burned hundreds of Protestants at the stake.

18. 19. 20. 5. The Elizabethan Settlement

  • As Queen, Elizabeth compromised between Protestant and Catholic beliefs.
  • The Anglican Church followed Catholic practices, but she was its head.
  • The Book of Common Prayer was reintroduced.