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  • 1. What are they good for?How publishers and librarianscan help researchersPaul Groth (@pgroth)VU University Amsterdamhttp://www.few.vu.nl/~pgroth

2. It took approximately a generation (20years) for bibliographic citation analysis toachieve acceptability as a measure ofacademic impact." (Vaughan and Shaw,2003) 3. What altmetrics are not good at 4. (Wouters & Costas, 2012) 5. The main problem is that none of the newtools we reviewed meet crucialrequirements for data quality and indicatorconstruction. This prevents them fromcurrently being usable in the context ofresearch evaluation and assessment.(Wouters & Costas, 2012) 6. The Research is Happening http://jasonpriem.org/self-archived/5uni-poster.png(Birkholtz et al. 2013)(Fausto et al 2012)http://ploscollections.org/altmetricshttp://asis.org/Bulletin/Apr-13/AprMay13_Piwowar.html 7. WHY LOOK AT ALTMETRICSNOW? 8. Steve 9. Stories! (Priem et al. 2012) 10. Support reuse of content 11. Surface statistics 12. You have high quality measures 13. Conclusion Altmetrics is still developing But useful today Your content is embedded in a network ofcontent Show the impact of your researchers contentthrough associated content Help authors tell their stories