5 Ways to Get Control of Your Fuel Spend

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  • 1. 5 Ways to Get Control of Your Fuel Spend (and How GPS Fleet Tracking Technology Can Help)

2. Overview While you cant control the price of gas, there are ways to get a handle on your fuel spend arguably one 1 2 3 4 5 3. Fuel Card Tighter controls on fuel purchases 1 4. 2 5. 3 Idle report Fuel purchase history report Fuel slip audit report IFTA fuel tax report 6. 4 Comprehensive schedules, logs and reports to ensure all your Using the Maintenance Schedule and Logs, my vehicles never miss an oil change or tune up. Fleet Coordinator A Shred Ahead 7. Driver Safety/Behavior Monitoring 5 vehicles, we can see which employees are using the CFO Why? 8. Aggressive driving burns gas It can lower your gas Want to learn more? or contact us at 800-358-6178 Saves $25,000 in Fuel Costs with NexTraqs 48.5%of NexTraq of the NexTraq NexTraqs Fleet Dispatch The cost of $0. Keep in mind gas you use you also produce about 0% 26.7% with our merchant map layer. About 39 million gallons of fuel franchises or licensees Just ask NexTraqs Local fuel merchants of idling costs you at least 2/10 (0.2) of a gallon of gas 9. eBook. Share this eBook.