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<p>Gray Wolf</p> <p>By Johnathan Corbett Gray Wolf </p> <p>1</p> <p>LinksScientific NameRangeDietPhysical Description Breeding InfoSpecial BehaviorsWeird Info. Video Conclusion </p> <p>Scientific NameThe scientific name for a gray wolf is Canis Lupus.</p> <p>RangeIt is basically in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite not being at risk for extinction, local populations of wolves are still in trouble.</p> <p>DietThey eat:Elk Moose DeerMusk-oxenBeaverBisonCaribou</p> <p>Physical Description Gray wolves are 2-2.5 feet tall.Male wolves weigh about 90 pounds.Female wolves weigh about 80 pounds.The life span of the Gray Wolf is 10 to 18 years.</p> <p>Breeding InfoThey all are in a pack never lead each other.The mom always stays with the pups. They do not build nest.They are born by live birth. 4-6 pups are born at once. </p> <p>Special Behavoirs hierarchical social structures is a breeding alpha" pairThis terminology is based heavily on the behavior of captive wolf packs</p> <p>Weird InfoThe way that they communicate is by howling.Wolves packs are from two to twelve wolves in a single pack. Adult gray wolves has 42 teeth. </p> <p>Video </p> <p>Conclusion THE ENDThank you for watching my presentation on the gray wolves. I have learned so much about gray wolves.</p>