Cloud Computing Service & Market Trends in Korea

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  • 1. Cloud ComputingService & Market Trends in Korea 2011. 10.

2. 1 OverviewCloud Computing Market2 Growth Potentiality ofCloud Computing3 Status of Servicein Korea 3. Cloud Computing Market Overview 4. 79.6billion dollarscloud computing service marketin 2009 5. 34.0%to record a CAGR in 2014 6. 343.4billion dollarsexpectedcloud computing service market sizein 2014* Source : Garner (2009) 7. 612 million dollarscloud computing servicemarket size in Korea 8. 30.5% to record a CAGR in 2014 9. Growth Potentiality ofCloud Computing 10. Faster Infrastructure on demand Provision via APIs, not phone calls Snapshot, clone and go. Repeat. 11. CheaperReduce need for capitalOpEx not CapExBarrier to entry is much lower 12. Focus on your core businessBetter 13. Top 10 Prediction 201101 Worldwide IT spending growth will be a solid 5.7%02 Emerging markets will continue to drive global IT spending growth03 Public and private cloud adoption04 Cloud-driven datacenter transformations05 The mobility explosion will continue06 Broadband networks will struggle07 social business08 The expanding digital universe09 Intelligent industries10 Web TV 14. 01. Cloud Computing 02. Mobile Applications and Media Tablets03. Social Communications and CollaborationTop 10 04. Video 05. Next Generation AnalyticsStrategic06. Social Analytics07. Context-Aware ComputingTechnologies08. Storage Class Memoryfor 2011 09. Ubiquitous Computing 10. Fabric-based Infrastructure and Computers 15. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2011 16. Status of Servicein Korea 17. Released ServicesuCloud Home/Pro/CS Apply Internal Service (SBC Cloud, R&D Cloud, ETS Cloud) Cloud Server / VDI Cloud Service SaaS TbizpointVPDC (Virtual Private Data Center) N-Screen Cloud Service VDI Cloud Service LG U+ Smart SMEApply internal ServiceFlex Cloud Servers(MiCloud)Cloudit- Internet Compute Service 18. Status of services frommajor companies in Korea KTSK TelecomLGU+LG CNS SDS SK C&C Hostway Cloud VPDC (Virt Apply Internal Server N-Screen uCloudual Private Service Apply internalRelease VDI CloudCloud Service Flex Cloud Home/Pro/Data Center) (SBCCloud,ServiceServices Service LG U+Servers CS VDI CloudR&D Cloud, (MiCloud) SaaS Smart SMEService ETS Cloud) Tbizpoint CloudFolder uCloudDocument Mobile BS/SS/DSmanagingOffice VID CloudserviceService Services vHosting STM (Social Service CDN Cloud IaaS SaaS Type will be IaaS Service Target Mark CDN CloudService VDI Cloud(Mobilereleased vApps - Undeterminedeting ) Service M2M Cloud ServiceOffice,this yearSaaS Service Service PaaS, SaaS ServiceMail, Group (will be Cloud ware, UC, released 2Q) ServerCRM etc) -additional service 19. GovernmentThe construction and operation of the Governmental Cloud Service Testbed (KCC) Operate & provide 303nodes, 2,424cores IT Infra. CPU2,424 core Memory 6,448 GB HDD151.5 TB NAS240 TB 20. Thank YouIf you have any question,please contact me by e-mailEmaill : ncups@innogrid.comHomepage :